La Bastide…

If ever I decided to (and had the funds to) open a bed and breakfast La Bastide would be my ideal.  From the exquisite food to the beautiful rooms to the gorgeous grounds… it is truly amazing.

I had a marvelous time, and honestly I’m glad it was for just the one night as more than that would’ve been sensory overload (not to mention financial!) and I seriously missed waking up to the sheep baaahing for their breakfast (so much so that I woke up at 6am because I didn’t hear them)

Anyway… we stayed in room #5, which we heard is Kevin Costner’s favorite room when he’s up for the golf tournaments at the Cliffs and I can see why.  It has lovely views of the mountains and grounds and as it’s the last room on the hall it has a bit more privacy.  Honestly, I’m not really impressed with name dropping so the fact that Kevin Costner liked the room mattered not a whit to me.  We kept teasing that now Kevin Costner gets to stay in our favorite room… isn’t he ever so lucky?

Anyway.  Dinner was marvelous!  I started with pistou, then duck breast with duck confit over wild mushroom risotto and finished with a chocolate lava cake.  Jim had the Mediterranean salad, Filet Mignon with truffle frites and finished with the apple galette.  We had a bottle of Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir (I think, it was on the house so I would have to ask Jim for specifics) and we had the ever fabulous Leopard Forest coffee with dessert (and to revive me after all that wine!!) and everything was wonderful!

I think one of the things I liked the best was how laid back everything was.  I mean, yeah, the place costs a small fortune to stay there, the accommodations are exquisite, the food is phenomenal, but the staff are very friendly and open and funny!  There was a marked lack of pretentious snooty people… sure there were a few there who paraded around like peacocks… but for the most part it almost felt like hanging out at a friend’s house… very comfortable.  Jim and I enjoy fine things, but are by far more comfortable in our wellie boots out with the animals or in the kitchen making dinner… so for us to feel completely at ease and “at home” was a really big thing. 

So anyway… here are a couple pics.

walking barefoot on the terrace while waiting for dessert and enjoying the herb garden.

A view of the vineyards from the terrace.

EEEK… we look scary!!!

View from our room. I think it was about 6:30ish when I took that pic… I couldn’t sleep… no sheep baahing… too quiet!!

The dining room set for breakfast… seriously beautiful!!

I didn’t take still photos of our dinner because the lighting was so very low that a flash would’ve been necessary and I thought that might be seriously frowned upon!!

But the lighting was good for breakfast!

Jim’s breakfast: Gruyere Omelet, grits, sausage, potatoes and spinach.

My breakfast: waffles with fresh berries and bacon. Very tasty, but Jim’s was so very delicious! I’d definitely go for the omelet next time!

I failed to mention earlier that we had the loan of a BMW X6 for the weekend as well. Jim had a blast driving his dream car all over the mountains!


He pretty much grinned like this the whole time!!

We cruised the Blue Ridge Parkway, slalomed through some torturous twisty mountain roads, and generally had a blast. I drove it from Bryson City to Travelers Rest and while I enjoyed it immensely I felt like I was cheating on Landy… so I left the rest of the driving to Jim.

Anyway… we had a great time and Sophie is already planning when SHE can go to the “Mountain Hotel” as she calls La Bastide. Matter of fact, she just came through with her little suitcase all packed… informing me that she was ready to go when I was! Gotta love her taste 🙂

4 thoughts on “La Bastide…

  1. Ivy

    That place looks so fab in a low key kind of way. Nothing like a little time for relaxation in the mountains. Oh but to dream…


  2. suztango

    Gah! I want to go there! Your meals look and sound like they were divine. Between Jim’s main course, your dessert, and the Pinot Noir, you pretty much had what I would request for a last meal. So glad you took this time for yourselves.


  3. Shea

    Seriously, it’s just incredible! The hospital where Jim works sponsers a silent auction to benefit Rape Crisis and La Bastide donated a night’s stay plus dinner and a bottle of wine. Jim ended up winning it for about 1/3 the price to stay there and eat. I told Jim to keep an eye out for it next time they have one of those auctions as it’s well worth the price and the auction supports a good charity. My only wish is that we had been able to check in earlier so that we could’ve explored the property a bit. It’s absolutely gorgeous up there and it’s just so very peaceful.

    Sophie has started bargaining with us about going there for a stay. She’s offered to make muffins to sale, clean her room, do chores, etc… to earn money so that she can make her very own reservation! I’m impressed with her tenacity! We asked the staff before we left if it was ok for kids to stay and they said they love when kids come because they totally “get” the whole experience. So it looks like when Sophie saves up enough money (or more likely, we give in) she’ll be going to the “Mountain Hotel” which means I get to go again too 🙂


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