Summertime and the living is humid

Jim and I had to run to G’ville to drop off something at Tech and as we were driving by the Walgreens at Augusta I noticed the temperature flash up on the sign… 111 degrees.  While I had definitely thought it was hot, I thought 111 was a bit excessive and figured that sign was fritzy.  So I hit the ext.temp button in the car (I think that button sat there unused for the first year that I drove Landy before I realized what it was) and 109 popped up on the screen.  Hmmmm.  Guess the sign wasn’t really all that much off after all.

So yeah, it’s been hot here and fairly humid… as in denim has been banned from farm wear because of discomfort and inability to get them off once you’re back inside!  The sheep refuse to graze during the day as they’d rather doze under the shady trees and the cows have stayed either in the barn or under the trees as well.  The horses are willing to brave the rays to graze, but even they have to hang out in the shade during the hottest part of the day.  Unfortunately we lost the smallest of the pigs.  I feel fairly certain that heat played a part as the bigger pigs were very nearly overheated that day as well… we’ve had to add a much bigger waterer and make more frequent trips out to re-wet their mud pit every day.  The day that the pig died was the day we were gone much of the day picking up the headgate and no one was here doing our regular observations and checks… yet another reason why I prefer to just stay home.

Speaking of the headgate… I’m still in shock that I found such a good deal on it!  A brand new headgate similar to the one we just bought sales for nearly $800 at the farm store.  I found an unused one on craigslist for $150!! Apparently the guy who was selling it had bought it 10 years ago when he was first getting into cows.  Then the cattle market tanked so he got rid of the cows and never even set up the head gate… so it sat in his barn unused and most likely forgotten.  Now he is moving and decided to clean out the barn so posted it on craigslist just to “get rid of it” and as luck would have it I was the first (of MANY!) callers.  I think he regretted that he didn’t ask more for it… but he was happy to honor our verbal agreement even when he got offers for 2x what he listed.  Now I just need to figure out how to set it up! 

And that needs to be soon because I firmly believe that Mary had a fling with the neighbor’s bull… either that or she’s packing on the pounds and had an udder augmentation. 

Mary... Promiscuous or just fat?

M’s palpated cows before but Mary’s a bit… lively… and M’s not confident that Mary would stand still for the procedure.


I’ve been making cheese again… just mozzarella this time.  We’re all out and I really should be making it every day… but I can’t get my cheese making mojo going…

Sophie gets her casts off on Tuesday!  Hooray!!  The poor girl has been so depressed 😦 and on top of that she’s got a sore throat, a horrible cough AND ear infections.  Unfortunately the cough and sore throat must’ve been catchy because now Xander is coming down with a horrible cough and has complained of his throat all morning. 


Summer colds are totally wrong.

Luckily Beckett has remained healthy!!  However I’m betting he’ll get sick just as the other two get better…. prolongs the fun agony.

Anyway… continuing on the farm front.  We’ve started processing some of the chickens.  We placed an order with Cornerstone Farm in NY for supplies (knives, tools, a plucker and a scalder) and are still waiting on the plucker and scalder.  We’ve had a lot of hiccups with this order, but we’ve all been pleased with the items we’ve received so far.  We’re all anxious about the plucker and scalder though.  So far we’ve done 6 of the roosters.  That leaves about 74 more to be done.  Yeah… 74.  So we would reallylike to have that scalder and plucker really soon.  Like today would be nice.  Seriously.  And I still need to clean out the freezer… which would probably be a good thing to do today (note to self).

Anyway.  So there’s lots going on here at the farm.  My apologies to my friends that have called or emailed only to get no response.  August is a tough month with very little reprieve in sight as the garden is starting to come in and there will hopefully be a lot of canning and “putting up” going on soon, as well as doing all the chickens and getting them in the freezer and making chicken stock (with feet!!) to put away as well.  Not to mention getting things winterized. 

So that’s it for now…  Look for a chicken post soon!

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