Giving it up for now :(

It’s not exactly common knowledge that I have been looking for a new riding horse. I had a specific type of horse in mind but not a specific breed. I wanted a nice stout horse… Draft or draft cross… Didn’t have to be “finished” and somewhere between 4 and 10 years old and not too terribly expensive.

I have found, with the help of Julie, several possibilities. Several I have inquired after and even a few I made arrangements to go see.

But the truth is there won’t be a new horse anytime soon.

Beau and Leo are already adding substantially to the (already expensive) feed bill. Leo will have to be gelded and the whole bullet thing explored and that costs money.

I have yet to file the boys readoption (which is finally ready!) which is significantly more important than a new horse.

I need to buy hay

I need to start the milking barn since it’s looking pretty much like we’ll have two cows in milk by October.

And that’s just a few things that outrank a new horse.

And even though the practical side of me understands all of that, I’m nevertheless overwhelmingly depressed. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without riding.


I think I’m up to about 4 years without any serious riding at all. I did ride Alise long enough to ascertain that she is no longer sound (she’s pushing 30 which is pretty old for a Percheron) for an adult rider about a year or so ago, but that’s it.

Sure I’ve tried to tell myself that the horse part of my life is over and that I need to just accept it and move on… But somehow I’m just not buying it.

But regardless of what I want the truth is I’m giving up for now. I’ll settle for working with Beau and nursing Leo back to health and maybe even try working with Fantine again… Not the same as riding but at least it’s working with horses right?

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