A Game

I told the kids that today was going to be mostly TV and computer free. They were less than thrilled to say the least. So with much grousing and grumbling they all came out to play while I topped off waters and checked on the animals. When I asked them to help pull Dess’ pen into the grass they eagerly joined in and it rapidly morphed into an impromptu game of imagination. Sophie and Xander are some sort of adventurers and Dess is some sort of shark/bad guy. The object is to walk around the rails without Dess licking their toes. Sounds simple but there’s loads of hysterical shrieks of laughter coming from the calf pen. Too funny what kids come up with when they have to think up entertainment for themselves!

img00304 20090911 1158

2 thoughts on “A Game

  1. Shea

    True, and if it were completely up to me I would ditch the annoying thing altogether as anything I want to watch I can find online for the most part.

    They’ve played so hard (and unknowingly did school work) this morning that after lunch while we were having our reading time (started Lord of the Rings a couple days ago and they’re LOVING it!!) they all fell asleep. This isn’t so unusual for Xander but it is most unusual for Sophie and Beckett!!

    Now I’ve just got to convince myself to get a bunch of stuff done in the kitchen while they are sacked out!!


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