Horse things in general.

The horse thing is killing me. I know I sat here and typed out the whole “giving up on this for now” post, but we all know that was laughable.

I’ve been out to see another horse.

Not going to buy it, but went to see it. Would’ve seriously considered buying it if not for the I’ve-never-seen-it-this-bad foot fungus problem… that and I suspect she might have a sore back issue as we bucked Jim off rather soundly.

And that’s when it hit me. I’ve moved into the desperate stage of my horse search. I was actually willing purchase an unsound horse if it got me that one step closer to riding again.

It was a big wake up moment.

So I had a firm talk with myself and promptly went here and fell in love with this and this and this.

Hey… at least they’re sound and ride-able and come from a reputable place.


I’m afraid I’ve been a bear to live with for the past few weeks.  I’ve cried over Aimee again and again and again.  The horses at VSH remind me of her, which reminds me that she’s gone, which reminds me that I don’t have a riding horse which makes me look at their horses and then I cry all over again.

Sigh, sniffle.

So… I’ve tried to focus on Beau and Leo. 

Beau is coming along nicely, still a bit jumpy and spooky, but coming along.  He’s getting easier about being casually handled and I lead him around the driveway without a single incident.  He was definitely uncertain and relying on me to clue him in to what was going on, but he listened well and didn’t play up at all.

Leo, on the other hand, has turned into a bit of a menace.  The weather here has taken a slight turn towards Autumn, the mornings are cool and the days aren’t quite as hot and I think the combination of weather and food has turned our once sweet boy into quite the devil.  He levelled a fine karate kick at me just the other morning (he missed and hit the water trough instead) which made me realize something.

The gonads have gotta go.

Seriously.  On our little quarter mile road there are 16 equine.  Of that 16, five are geldings, five are mares, four are jennys, one is a jack and the other is Leo the colt.  Two of the jennys are bred but that still leaves seven ladies to love and one gent to fight.  Zeke, our jack, is better mannered than Leo, but isn’t happy about the colt being here either.  So I’m waiting for the vet to let me know when he can come out to do shots and then we’ll schedule his procedure.

FYI- I don’t own all the horses on our road.  We have 7 horses and 5 donkeys.

Ok, after typing that I feel the need to explain.  Yes we own 7 (EEK!) horses.  Here’s the run down-

Alise- white Percheron mare, approx. 30 years old.  I retired her several years ago although the kids do sit up on her from time to time.  She’s the boss mare of the pasture and at about 17.2hh she’s got the size to keep that ranking.

Fantine- white PercheronX mare, approx. 10 years old.  She is a PMU mare and has absolutely no concept of horse behavior.  She is unpredictable at best and while I have high hopes for her, I’m realistic that she’s pretty much going to be a pasture ornament.  She’s about the same size as Alise.

Maddy- bay Appaloosa mare, approx. 14 years old.  She is the gigantic mare that Julie rides.  We got her the summer before Jim and I got married as a “if you buy this mare will throw the App in free” kinda thing.  The mare we originally bought, a OTT TB didn’t work for us so I gave her to a friend, but Maddy turned out to be a real gem.  Maddy grew from about 15hh to 17hh in the first year or so that we had her but we never thought about how big and well boned she was (particularly for an App) because we compared her to Aimee.  Next to Aimee everybody was small!

Belle- bay Mustang mare, 17 years old.  Ah Belle.  My first from the ground up training experience.  I should’ve picked a more sane horse as Belle has always been a bit on the screw-loose side.  Belle is maybe 14hh… although I would say she’s shorter.  I have ridden her and even did lessons on her for a while, but eventually she was retired because of her unpredictable nature.  We’ve toyed with gifting her to somebody that wants a companion horse, but we always come back to the fact that Belle eats very little and her actual maintenance is slight and she’s Maddy’s best pasture mate so Belle stays.

Skye- blue roan POA gelding, approx. 12 years old. Skye is very nearly as wide as he is tall.  He hasn’t been the best pony in the world, having a distrustful nature (yes, normal for a pony I know) but Xander loves that he’s blue and has spent quite a good bit of time lead-lining around on him.  He’s also a favorite of my nephew Spencer.  I think he’d make a fine cart pony, but I have neither the cart nor the harness to make that happen.

And of course there’s the boys-

Beau- bay Mustang gelding, approx. 7 years old.

Leo- Palomino TWH/QH colt, approx 18months old.

So while I have 7, some of them are special needs and some of them are retirees. Only Maddy is truly ride-able and that’s Julie’s go-to mount and since Julie is my go-to riding companion… well you see the predicament. 


Have I mentioned that I miss Aimee? Cause I really, really do.

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