Meet Willow

So It’s been a day or two and Miss Willow is doing great! She’s so mellow and laid back that it’s just unreal! Nothing fazes her at all and while she doesn’t care for the cows, she’s maintained gracious manners while dealing with them. We’re still getting to know her which has been hampered greatly by all the rain!

Anyway! Here are her stats:
She’s approximately 8 years old
She’s a sabino bay roan (it means she has white splotches on her coat) with a wide blaze (nearly bald) and 4 full white stockings. She’s about 17.2hh
She weighs about 2100 lbs probably a little more but we’re working on thinning her down a bit.

On the negative side she still has a little bit of hoof fungus but it isn’t as bad as when we first saw her.
She also has a cracked hoof that’s going to need attention when Tim comes out. And she seems to be very head shy about her ears which I’m going to need to look into… Could be a teeth issue… Could be a haltering issue… Or something else altogether.

But anyway! She’s just an incredibly calm girl and I look forward to working with her soon!

The pic is of Jim (6ft tall) and Willow (5’6″ at the shoulder) right after we unloaded her.
img00321 20090920 1747

2 thoughts on “Meet Willow

  1. Shea

    I really do run out of words to describe her. She’s simply incredible! She has the mellowest temperment (for the most part… she did buck Jim off the first time we saw her) and she’s been positively hysterical in the paddock with the mini donks and the pony who’s so overwhelmingly in awe of her that he just follows her around all day.

    I spent a good bit of time this evening combing her mane and forelock while Jim brushed her and for the most part she just stood. She only “played up” once (which consisted of snorting and throwing her head up) when Xander touched her nose.


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