Meet Beulah and Bruce

On Sunday we trucked over to Ranburne Alabama to pick up our purebred, but not registered, Tamworth breeders. The breeder, Greg Dennis, was able to hold Beulah from an earlier litter for me until Bruce was weaned so that we could pick them up at one time.

I have enjoyed my conversations with Greg over the summer. Periodically he would call me with updates about the wee pigs and so it was delightful to meet him and his wife and their pigs (and cows and sheep) in real life.

The drive was loooong. Made longer by hauling a horse trailer through downtown Atlanta (say it with me- CRAZY!) but it all went well! My nephew S went with us so it was a carful of crazy from time to time but we had fun.

On the drive back we decided to take a slight side trip to China Delight (the dim sum place I’ve raved about before) and even though it was after dim sum time, the food was delicious and the pigs seemed to appreciate having a hauling break.

The rest of the trip home was a bit torturous as we got caught in road construction that brought the entire Northbound lane of 85 to a standstill. We opted to exit at the first available road and ended up winding through Seneca and Clemson before finding 123 again. We did find it amusing that the GPS map app on my blackberry kept telling us to turn around and go back to the Interstate!

But by far the funniest thing that happened concerned the clock in the Rover. M and I hadn’t paid much attention to the clock prior to eating supper. However when we piled back in we noted that we had lost all daylight and the clock seemed to verify that the time was quite late. We hadn’t thought we had spent a whole 2 hours in the restaurant, but the clock did indicate that we had. So when we got caught in the road construction we bemoaned the fact that we wouldn’t be getting home before midnight.

I had decided to call Jim to reassure him that we were indeed coming home when I noticed the time on my phone was nowhere near the time on the car clock. I glanced at M’s phone and it too stated a different time. We thought maybe the phones had gotten confused going into and out of time zones (this should indicate how tired we were) and with some trepidation I called Jim to verify via a house clock the actual time. Turns out the phones were right! The car clock was off by about an hour and half, probably owing to the fact that we had shut the kids in the car while we loaded the pigs.

Anyway… the pigs have settled in nicely. I was afraid that they would get sick from being hauled such a long way on such a cool wet day but they have been just fine! I think the bulk of the snuffling we’ve been hearing out of them is due to their nose rings and not a respiratory problem. I did not plan to ring our guys but Greg does his as a matter of form to keep the pigs from destroying his pastures. I had planned to put Beulah and Bruce on our garden overwinter to help turn and root up… stuff… but now… not so sure how that’s going to work out. Greg assured me that the rings tend to fall out so… who knows!

I’m going to attempt to take more pics of them tomorrow, and will try to post a pic or too of the other pigs… it’s unbelievable how big they’ve gotten!!

One thought on “Meet Beulah and Bruce

  1. russell singleton

    Hey Shea, How are you? Would you be so kind as to send me your email address, please? I have some new pics that I would like to send you. Three guesses what they’re of & the first two don’t count. Oink, grunt. Thank you in advance, Russell


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