3 different people (two of them relatives) have given me grief (lovingly, I hope) about my lack of blogging, here’s a new entry.

Did that come across snarky?  I think it might.  It could have something to do with the headache that’s flirting around the perimeter of my awareness… popping up periodically in my ears to make me hear great yawning throbs of nothingness.


Last night wasn’t a good night.

But the day was good.  It started off rather early with me taking Jim to school and then dashing up the mountain to drop off the boys’ postplacement pics.  That was a good outing… so nice to see June and Esther and to meet…. ummm… the new girl (whose name I’ve obviously misplaced… blame it on the headache).  And then dashing back down the mountain so that M could finally go to sleep.  Then feeding, dressing and preparing the kids for an outing/adventure that has been long overdue for them. 

We had an interesting game of “is that Poppy” as we waited for his class to finish.  Xander was determined that Poppy had had a makeover in class and was now a petite long-haired brunette in heels.  That garnered barrels of laughs from Sophie and Beckett.  Me too.  So funny.

But eventually the correct Poppy joined us and we headed off immediately for Mellow Mushroom.  Of course it was dead as it was between lunch and dinner, but it was pleasant.  The kids thought they were big stuff indeed when the hostess seated us at one of the big tall tables.  Anyway… all was well until I happened to glance into the kitchen where I saw one of the cooks pulling out a bag of pre-shredded cheese.  My alarm bells clanged… but I decided to ignore it… since I couldn’t remember if they’d always used pre-shredded cheese or not… and then I forgot about it.  When the pizza came out it was way more gooey than I remembered it being so I made a mental note that the cheese must be different, but it was good and other than Sophie uncharacteristically not finishing her food… all was well.  At one point Sophie needed to go to visit the “flush-rooms” and as we passed by a guy at the bar (Harley shirt, I think a braided pony tail, definitely Harley biker vibe going on) Sophie reached out and tapped him on the shoulder.  When he turned around she very sweetly smiled at him and said “Bon Soir!” and then continued on her merry way.  I overheard the man telling his date that he “reckoned she was French” which amused me more because Sophie had copped the most Southern accent I’ve ever heard so that her Bon soir sounded much more like “Bone-Sware” than anything remotely French.  While in the bathroom we worked on pronunciation to the amusement of the nice older lady that was waiting for us to finish.

Anyway.  From there we headed over to Earthfare for a bit of pre-Holiday shopping.  It was a fairly nice shopping outing minus a few odd people that set off my Bad-Vibe-O-Meter.   And then it was off to Petsmart for dog food and then thankfully we headed for home.

Somewhere near West Greenville I realized that the cheese was something I should’ve really investigated as Sophie was a weepy, over-emotional mess and Xander had gone guano-loco. 

Note to self: Mellow Mushroom is no longer a good choice for Sophie.

Once we were home Sophie flung herself into bed and within minutes Xander found an opportunity to smack Beckett with the sharp edge of a wooden ruler and found himself in his bed as well.

After much cajoling I finally got Sophie to at least quit crying go back downstairs where she did find happy (happiness thy name is sausage) but Xander… that was a different story altogether.

He screamed.

He yelled.

He called me stupid.

He kicked the wall.

He threw toys.

He threw toys down the stairs.

He yelled at Beckett.

He yelled at me.

He yelled at Jim.

It. Was. Not. Pretty.

And it went on for hours.

I tried talking, I tried taking away toys, taking away privileges.

Nothing helped at all.  Finally we just all went to bed and he quieted down and finally fell asleep.

I did not sleep well.  Sophie was still clingy and demanded to sleep with me, Beckett woke up sometime in the early morning and wanted to sleep with Poppy so I ended up pushed out of bed.  I ended up in Sophie’s bed and sometime afterwards Beckett migrated to join me…  which wasn’t great because Sophie’s bed is a single.


But this morning everybody is up and happy.  Xander brought up the whole fiasco last night and apologized.  He said he felt like his head was spinning out of control and that he was so sorry for all he had said and done.   I asked if he slept well and he said that he had slept just fine, and didn’t even have dreams.  His behavior this morning has been stellar and  he’s back to his sweet self.

So was it the cheese?  I don’t know and I’m not willing to test it out again!  And I can tell you that I have no desire to go out for pizza anytime soon!

2 thoughts on “Because….

  1. Sally Gal

    oh no, Shea. Haven’t you been to MM before? I was thinking you’ve been there before…would different shops carry different ingredients? hmm. I am so sorry to hear that the day went so very South. 😦


  2. Shea

    Sally- Yes we’ve been to MM before… lots of times… but not that long ago Sophie had issues with the dough and it did taste different so we quit going for a while then tried it again and it was ok… not sure about this cheese thing though… it definitely seemed different.


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