Happy 10th Anniversary

Jim and I had “grand” plans for tonight… that were dashed when M decided to go visit my brother.

The “grand” plans were simply spending a couple hours away from the farm and the kids.  Don’t get me wrong… I love my guys… but I’m with them 24/7 (literally) and this past week has been tough and I really just wanted to step away from it all for a moment and regroup.  But that’s not going to happen… so instead I’ve turned the TV to their shows, suggested a few activities for them, turned up the iPod to a slightly higher than acceptable level (since M’s not here) and while I contemplate what I’ll create for our anni-dinner, I thought I’d blog (I should mention that Jim is out feeding and checking animals).

Current song playing: Desire by U2

So… yeah… exciting.

On the farm front… it’s turned frigidly cold (so far as my toes and fingers are concerned).  I think it was 20 something last night.  At 1am I was out putting a blanket on Alise (which somehow didn’t get done earlier… and somehow I didn’t think to ask… until it was after midnight) where I lamented the decision to leave my gloves in the house.  All was well until I tried to hook the belly surcingles and couldn’t get it to snap.  The cold metal buckles sucked all the feeling out of my fingers and I ended up burrowing my hands up in Alise’s thick fur til I could at least feel them moving! 

Current song playing: Hit the Floor by Linkin Park (ahhh mad music… love it!)

So anyway.  The horses are all fuzzied up and look puffier than ever… especially Willow.  She’s beautiful though.

Speaking of the horses… I haven’t been riding 😦 which makes my heart feel super sad (are the kids watching Ni-Hao Kailan?).  I’m hoping that now that Jim is on break until January that I’ll be able to start riding more regularly again.  Lady makes me feel so bad when I go out to see her (I spoil her and Willow with treats) as she looks so sad… she’ll lay her head against my chest and will stand there as long as I’ll hug her big head.


Current song- Far and Away by Enya

I’ll be happy for better weather that will hopefully allow me to start working with Beau.  I still need to have Leo gelded which would make life so much easier.  Currently I have Beau and Leo in the small side paddock and they’ve pretty much churned it up into a mess!  Beau has some trust issues and the cool weather has put a damper on Leo although he and Jim are pretty much mortal enemies (long story). Leo’s coat has grown out longer than I ever remember seeing on any horse!  He’ll be the devil come springtime to shed out.

I found out that the little pony (Beau and Leo’s former pasturemate) has changed hands again.  I am a little sad about this as the people who had been gifted him had professed such love of the little guy but amazingly “rehomed” him shortly after finding out he was a registered mini.


This has disappointed me greatly and has weighed heavily on my heart partly from an ethical standpoint (free horse turned for a profit) and partly because I feel like I was manipulated (he was not my horse, but we had spoken to the original owner and had vouched for the people that he ultimately gave the pony to).  I know they have every right to do what they want to with the horse, but it still bothers me.


Current song: Switchblade 327 by Brian Setzer Orchastra

On a happier note… I’ve been a crafting fool this holiday season!  Dyeing wool, spinning, knitting, artsy crafting with wood, drawing, painting… busy time but lots of fun.  Right this moment M is in the Rock Hill SC Michaels buying more glitter.

Nothing says Christmas like GLITTER!!!!

Current song- Bugler’s Dream (Olympic Fanfare) by John Williams

And M’s been crocheting (something I just don’t have the knack for) like a fiend!  Anybody on Ravelry? (my rav id- Tapsalteerie)  I love it and all its patterns!  Some of them I’ve seen in other places but it’s nice to be able to browse through the ones listed.  I’m not much into the forums but I do browse around a bit.

Anyway… no pics of the crafting until after Christmas!  I’m so proud of some of them as they are just so cool and turned out just exactly as I’d hoped.  I hope that the recipients at least like them 🙂

Current song- The Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean (Xander’s favorite I might add… also wouldn’t it make a cool musical dressage bit? maybe that’s just me).

We’re pretty much going homemade for Christmas this year.  There are some “outsourced” items but those are mostly clothes.  Sophie wanted a purple musketeer outfit, but we all know they don’t make those in her size.  So instead I found this and this (both in purple) which will make a super cute “real” outfit… personally I think the boots will be the biggest hit!  I’m also making her a mask and purple dance ribbons to go with it and maybe a cloak….

Xander wants a bird.  A white one with furry feet. And it can’t have a beak, it has to have a “mouth like mine” which has me completely confused.  Oh and it has to be real.  At first we figured he was talking about an owl (think Hedwig) but the no-beak thing is weird.  So anyway… maybe a white parakeet?  The white part seems to be most important to him.   I found a pattern in a Harry Potter knitting book that has a knitted owl… thought I might make that for him as well.

Beckett wants a “race car that Poppy makes” which has left us a little confused to.  I thought he meant something like a soapbox derby car… but Jim thinks he means a model car.  Beckett has the focus and tenacity to sit through the making of a model car so maybe that’s what he meant… but I think he’d like a clunky big race car too.

Current song- The Only One by Evanescence

Well, the kids are no longer amused by the TV and are demanding food.  Jim has suggested that I make the first meal I ever made for him which was a fairly involved salad with blackened chicken.  Sounds good… but I’m not much one for a salad tonight.  Tonight should’ve been sushi, but short of having shrimp I have no seafood in the house…

Anyway… off to create!

Current song- The Wedding by Runrig (not my favorite Runrig song but somewhat appropriate at least title-wise).

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