Vision of Beauty

Yesterday I was looking through my clothes and realized that I desperately needed to do some washing.  So desperate in fact that I had no pants to wear…mind you, I’m not the clotheshorse that Jim is… he could very nearly wear something different every day of the year.  So my choices came down to shorts or a skirt.

Those who know me know that I rarely wear skirts.  Very rarely.  But the weather was a bit too cold for shorts and Jim and Xander kept suggesting the skirt, so I gave in.  I wore a skirt.

All day I had Xander and Beckett telling me that I was soooo beautiful, soooo lovely, sooooo pretty.  All because of a skirt.

Eye of the beholder I suppose, but a nice ego boost.

So this morning as I reached for a pair of jeans I paused and picked out a long pale lavender skirt instead.  When Xander saw me he said,

“Oh Mommy! You’re beautiful again today!”

How can I resist?

6 thoughts on “Vision of Beauty

  1. Shea

    Everybody needs a Dandyman 🙂 He informed me this evening that even though I was wearing jeans today that I was still pretty… especially after we were crafting with glitter! He’s a sweetie!


  2. michelle

    haha…I am in scrubs all day everyday…so I get the beautiful mommy routine when i wear jeans and brush my hair! Look out when I am in a dress. Although Zeb has started saying “mommy change your clothes now” like the second I come home from the hospital. There is some Kyrgyzstan fashion gene…i am sure of it!


  3. Shea

    According to G (our facilitator in KG) all men in KG have a keen sense of fashion and hair. Xander demonstrated that trait on the second day we were together in KG… when he dug all through the suitcase to find socks that perfectly matched his outfit!


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