5 thoughts on “Leave it to Alise

  1. Tapsalteeie

    Thanks Michelle…. We’re all still in shock that she went down so fast. Yesterday she was fine and now… she’s gone. But we always said this is what Alise would do. When I went out to check on her this morning I swear she looked at me and said “yeah… this whole dying thing… it sucks… can you hurry it up… like NOW… I’m getting dirty laying here”

    Such a beautiful horse…. but such a diva! Gonna miss her and somehow spending the days before Christmas burying a much loved, long known (17 years) horse is pretty much a downer for the holidays…. at least the kids are unaware and probably won’t notice until after the hub-bub of Christmas.


  2. Kelly

    Oh Shea, I am so sorry! I was just checking your blog this morning and read about her! But on another note…it was hard to read because Spence wanted to look at pictures (esp crying to see Beckett and M in a pic). I know he is very excited to get there to you guys this weekend!!


  3. Tapsalteeie

    Kelly- it all happened very suddenly… and because of the holidays we’re in a bit of a bind getting the guy here to bury her. He’s definitely coming in the morning (how’s that for a Christmas Eve downer?) but may be able to come tonight… it’s totally shot my Christmas mood, but luckily the kids are oblivious and I’m faking it convincingly enough…


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