3 thoughts on “How do you spend New Years Eve?

  1. michelle

    This year I slept almost all day….yeah for me! Tonight we are having leftovers and putting kids to bed early. Maybe we need to develop some sort of something for new years eve! Tomorrow I am going to make a ghanaian black eyed pea dish and everyone is going to love it or else! Maybe I will steal someone else’s idea!


  2. Tapsalteeie

    I spent the morning driving to town in the drizzly rain with my sparkly eye causing me all sorts of grief. The kids had a snack at WF and then we all came home and moped about the house for a bit (Xander is a bit under the weather), did some laundry, cooked supper (beef stroganoff) and now I’m sipping coffee and contemplating sewing something.

    Yeah, we’re real exciting… most likely only M and Jim will ring in the New Year, but that’s because they’re both at work!


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