Sophie’s mad at me. I vetoed the campfire she was planning for tonight. At somewhere in the 20s I think it’s a bit too cold to be outside even with a fire. So she’s sulking and moping… and getting mad at me for taking her picture.

2 thoughts on “Campfires

  1. michelle

    It is FFFRRRRReezing over here too. I wanted to veto going to work this morning – it is ridiculous..this is not why I live in the South!


    1. tapsalteerie

      I completely agree! We are not prepared for such cold temps for such a long time! Jim is pretty sick of hauling water to the animals by hand (waterlines are frozen and aren’t thawing during the day) and he’s already had to replace a busted pipe coming from the well (we now have a heat light in there which helps tremendously!). The animals are doing very well… but the cold has added hours to the chore routine!


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