Belgian Delights Restaurant Review

Jim, Sophie and I were able to stop into Belgian Delights for lunch today and we were all so impressed!  It was love! Sophie’s already asking to go back… I think she was taken with the decor as much as the food, although you do have to love a place where you can order “meat” and the waitress doesn’t even question what you want!

Jim and I ordered coffee which is delicious, but very, very strong.  I love strong coffee and after 4 cups I was pretty much buzzing (did I say 4 cups? ummm yeah… 4).  Sophie had sweet tea which was extremely sweet but she liked ok (diabetic shock sweet… be warned… I don’t care for tea that’s quite that sweet).

Angus Bazooka

Jim ordered the Angus Bazooka which is simply a beef kebab on a sub with a whole gob of frites. Jim opted for Sauce Americaine which was very tasty.  I did not get a bite because Jim (as usual) wolfed it down while telling me how wonderful it was.

Angus Kebab et frites avec mayonnaise

Sophie ordered “MEAT” and ended up with the same thing as Jim minus the bun. She didn’t care for the peppers that came on the skewer but ate the rest with gusto. The peppers (which are not even visible in the photo I think) she deposited onto my plate. I thought they were delicious.

Crepe Ardennais

I ordered the Crepe Ardennais which looks so deceptively small and demure sitting on the plate. In truth it was one of the most filling things I’ve ever eaten. Very tasty, most likely exceedingly fattening (from the richness of the sauce!) but oh so good! Ham and fresh herbs covered in that heavy creamy sauce… yum!!

Belgian waffle with strawberries and cream

For dessert we ordered a Belgian waffle with strawberries and cream. I have had Liege waffles in Belgium and loved them. This is not that waffle (although they do have Liege waffles on the menu). This was an almost savory sensation of tart strawberries, lightly sweetened cream and a waffle. The waffle was not particularly crunchy, but the whole thing together was quite tasty. Next time (and there will be a next time!!) I will get the Liege waffle because that (much like Belle-Vue) is what I associate with Belgium.

All in all we had a great meal! The waitress was friendly but not so much that we felt like we had to entertain her (it’s a chronic problem for us in most places we go).  The coffee was so excellent even it was smiling… or I think it was anyway!

Happy Coffee?

It’s no surprise that we are eagerly planning to pop in again… maybe just for coffee and a waffle… maybe for a more serious meal!

Big Thumbs up from Sophie!

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