Family outing

Yesterday we trucked up to my brother’s to deliver their china hutch that had stored at his in-laws.  We decided to meet in Charlotte at Big Ben Pub for some excellent fish and chips (no photos… sorry I was too busy eating!).  I think we gave the proprietor I moment’s pause when we said there would be 5 adults and 7 kids!  EEK! They ended up putting us down in the “bar” area that was actually great for us except it was a bit cool.  The kids thought they were somewhere special indeed between the Ms. Pacman (we had no quarters) and the dart board (that we didn’t let them mess with).

After that we hop scotched around Charlotte… popping in at Trader Joe’s (wish we had one here!) and at REI (glad I DON’T have one here as I’d spend too much money on cool stuff!) for a wee bit of necessary shopping (groceries and socks respectively).  

And then we raced back to Kyle’s to off load the hutch before we were back on the road to get M home in time for work.  Long day, but great spending time with family!

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