Hand grazing the big girls

One of the downsides to owning draft horses is the insanely large amount of hay/grass/pasture it takes to sustain them. We have regularly been powering through a large round bale ($50 a pop) per week in the draft paddock. Today we are out of hay so Jim and I decided to take Willow and Lady down to the garden to hand graze for a while in the hopes of keeping them happy.
These two girls are so good natured (Willow comes to a whistle every time) that Jim is stretched out on a fallen pine tree talking to a cat and I’m making a blog entry while sitting on the aforementioned pine tree. Good times come at strange times it seems!

2 thoughts on “Hand grazing the big girls

  1. michelle

    we are house hunting right now and looked at a house today with a 5,000 sq foot stable….I thought of you! I don’t even know how to ride a horse…what am I going to do with a 5,000 foot stable!


    1. tapsalteerie

      If you get that one you’ll have to come visit for a weekend to get some hands on experience with horses and various other livestock… I can just see you sending Keith out to milk every morning! I should post Jim’s action milking shot from this morning! 🙂


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