Project 365 or something like that


Maybe a couple of you have noticed the new icon  over there on the left for TAPS365.  I had informally been doing a photo a day here on the main blog, but after reading about Suzanne making a whole new blog to showcase her daily photos, I thought I would too.  My photo-blog is just that… one photo… no words (except to give photo credit).  Where applicable I put a link to an explanation written here on this blog. 

So far we really have taken a pic every day.  There was a little uncertainty about January 7 but luckily Jim took a pic of his car repair project on that day and so we didn’t have to skip that one.  Honestly we do take a lot of pics thanks to cameras in our phones.  Jim is known for his self-portraits, while I shun being photographed at almost all cost.  My risk for the year is to allow more photos and even take a few Jim-inspired self-portraits (there’s one in the Flickr stream of me and Gregor… ugh I know… but it’s a start). 

Anyway, I’m excited to see how we do with this project and how it turns out in the end 🙂

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