Early Morning

Jim has had practicum this week at our local hospital which has necessitated him rising at 5am to get the milking and feeding done before being at the hospital at 6:30. Uncharacteristically I have been getting up with him, although he’s up and off like a rocket and I’m more draggy… nursing a cup of coffee and bit of toast for a good 15 minutes before feeling capable of opening the backdoor.

But I’ve enjoyed these early mornings! The first morning it was raining abysmally but I spent the morning reading, checking in on a few blogs and craigslist, mentally organizing my day, and then later as the day started to truly dawn, straightening around the kitchen and preparing for the boys to come down as they are always first up.

Yesterday morning was wonderfully foggy, so much so that I couldn’t see the horses standing at the fence waiting for their breakfast, though to be fair, the only horses I can see from the kitchen table are Lady and Fantine and they are both greys. My early morning was spent planning the day, price comparing online (local tack shop versus online retailer… happily local tack shop won out on the price! YEAH!) and remembering to turn the coffee pot on so that Jim could take coffee with him (only he forgot to get any, which is somehow very funny).  As the sky brightened and the fog started to lift I went out for a nice morning walk around the upper pasture.  I was wearing the long waxed shooting jacket that M got from Mrs. Daughteridge in Asheville.  I adore that jacket and its big game pockets which I think were meant to hold grouse or partridge, but were filled with horse treats on my outing.  Lady knows that I almost always bring her a bit of a treat, whether carrot or apple or cookie, every time I come up to visit her, so she was quick to suss out which pocket had the treats.  She was greatly confused about my morning walk and gamely followed me half way round the milking paddock before stopping to observe my bizarre behavior.  Ultimately hay won out and she abandoned me altogether.  But then she caught sight of me coming along the fenceline again and she expectantly waited for me to give her a scratch and a pet and of course another cookie, and once more followed me back to the milking paddock where she stopped again to puzzle over my strange behavior.  I made several circuits of the upper pasture, checking the fences, picking up fallen limbs but mostly just enjoying the morning and a nice brisk walk.  At one point Lady parked herself at the crossties where we tack up and waited for me to come brush her, but instead I breezed by her with a pat on the nose and she was left standing there a bit confused I think.  Near the end of my walk I did produce a brush from my pocket (seriously huge pockets on that jacket) and gave her a very good brush over which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy.  Even Fantine was inclined to forgive me for the haltering incident long enough to come over for a cookie and some conversation (she’s not big on petting).  All in all a very nice morning.

This morning Jim doesn’t have to be up super early, and while I didn’t roll out bright eyed at 5am, I did manage to crawl out of my warm blankets at 6am, dress for riding (hoping for an early morning hack since Jim is off), read for a bit, turn on the coffee pot and make a bit of toast.  Now 2 cups of coffee later and delightfully full of toasted pita with Russian sour cherry jam (which I think might be a sinful combination), I am beginning to hear the rest of the house wake up and come to life.  M is now in the kitchen, beginning to make biscuits and the roosters are crowing.

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