Introducing Riona

Yeah! She’s here!!  Tuesday bright and early Liz and Lauren of Virginia Sporthorses delivered Riona and Woodrow here to the farm.  I still can hardly believe that we got everything lined up and on schedule to get them here this week and part of me can’t believe that the mare that I’ve been looking at for all these months is now peacefully grazing in my pasture. 

She’s a 7 year old Reg. Premium Spotted Draft mare, 18+ hh (notice us peeking over her back) and weighs upward of 1700lbs (my weight tape won’t go around her) and may be in foal to Liz’s Shire stallion Samson. She’s just gorgeous!

We’re still getting to know each other.  I’ve ridden her briefly once so far and I’m hoping to get another ride in this afternoon and possibly tomorrow.  She has made friends with Lady but she and Fantine are still arguing over boss-mare status.  Looks like Ri is going to win that one, but Fantine isn’t going down without a fight.

Look for more pics and updates as the days warm up!!

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