Introducing Woodrow


And here’s Woodrow! He’s a 10 month old 1/2 Clydesdale and  1/2 Shire colt (click links for pics of his parents).  Currently he’s about 14.1hh and around 520lbs.  He’s a lovely bright bay with four high whites and a big beautiful blaze. 

He’s so incredibly funny!  He’s currently hanging out with Leo (recently gelded and in need of a calm friend) and has enjoyed our multiple trips out to the paddock to give scratches and rubs.  It’s not uncommon for him to back up to the closest available human and invite them to scratch his rump (every colt/gelding I’ve ever had has loved a good rump scratch).  He’s got a sweet, kind disposition and I’ve yet to find anything that causes him alarm.  I can’t wait to see the horse he develops into!

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