He’s Legit :)

Yeah for Jim! His official registered nurse certificate of licensure arrived today! WooHoo for Jim!! We are very, very, very, very, very, very, very happy and delighted that he is finished with this stage of schooling and already has a job lined up!! We’re all so very proud and happy that Jim has accomplished this great milestone!!

4 thoughts on “He’s Legit :)

  1. Sandra Duncan

    I am so glad that you are official. Congrats, this is a big accomplishment and you deserve it. you should be very proud of yourself.


  2. Shea

    I was going to take his pic with his certificate, but since he worked last night and had just gotten up and had a serious case of bed-head… I thought it would be better to just give him a bit of a write up instead 🙂


  3. Michelle

    YEAH!!! I love pieces of paper that validate my smarts….except i keep losing them and having to reorder them to send copies to people! Guess I am not as smart as I thought! Congratulations!


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