New Baby

 Rosalee & Baby

Yesterday afternoon just before Julie, Jim and I were going out for an afternoon ride we discovered (or rather Julie did) that Rosalee had finally had her baby. He’s the first foal out of Zeke and so far has much of Zeke’s look about him… with Rosalee’s pretty eyes. I’m not sure how long he’ll stay such a pretty white… although actually he is a light grey and white paint… I’m sure it’ll fade just as Zeke’s strawberry spots did too.

Baby & Rosalee

He’s still unnamed, but M is narrowing down the possibilities… not certain if we’ll stick with the family names for the jacks or if they’ll be some other theme. He’s definitely a super cute little guy!! He’s been trotting and cavorting all around the paddock annoying both his mother and his Auntie Vess (who is also due any day now).

Vess is not amused.

Be sure to check out Flickr for more pics of the new baby. I’ve also uploaded a bunch of new pics of Riona, Pip and just various things from around the farm.

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