Back up to date

-No new donkeys.  I didn’t think Vess would be this far behind Rosalee, but seeing as how I was a whole month off on my due dates for Rosalee… well.. I’m giving her til the first of June before declaring her plump and not pregnant.

-I’m of two minds about Riona.  Either she is pregnant and carrying it very well, or she isn’t pregnant and is being moody because she doesn’t like to work.  Jury is still out on that one… Vet hasn’t been much help as he doesn’t feel comfortable checking her without stocks… fair enough.

-I finally got a halter on Woodrow and he’s rapidly turning into a big pet.  I’ve been spending hours a day it seems trying to get him groomed out.  Unfortunately he has a lot of hair that hasn’t shed out.  He’s enjoyed the grooming sessions and has been quite the fine gentleman about having his feet handled as well.  He and I are bonding nicely and I’ve yet to see him even give a hint of an unkind thought…. that’s not to say that I’ve become complacent with him… he is a colt afterall.  The one unnerving thing that he does, particularly when he feels that he’s being ignored, is he backs into people.  He already has a habit of inviting me to scratch his rump, but if I’m brushing Leo or talking to M over the fence, he’ll quietly and gently back up until his hocks are knocking the backs of my knees and his butt is resting against my back.  It’s a little unnerving (or a lot unnerving) but he’s yet to offer even the suggestion of a kick.  He reminds me of the Appaloosa colt we had when I was little that backed up to the fence for rump rubs… must be a guy thing.

-We’ve started riding Lady again with much success.  I know that she’ll never have the endurance to be much more than a hack horse but I am glad that her Thumps is being maintained by the electrolytes. She enjoys the outings too and has been a much happier horse since being reinstated as a riding horse… during her “retirement” we all noted that she seemed depressed and fretful that she wasn’t included in the hacks.  So while I figure out what is going on with Ri, Lady is my go-to mount (which has ticked Ri off… evidently I have possessive horses) which is funny for me to say because I haven’t actually ridden her yet… but will hopefully be riding this afternoon or at the very least tomorrow evening.

-One of our hens went broody and unbeknownst to us laid a HUGE clutch of 20 or so eggs in a box on our porch. She hatched 17  and they’re all doing great!  Yeah for Ms.Hen!  We moved them down to one of the protected pens in the big chicken paddock and the bitties are growing and starting to feather out… so far we haven’t lost any of them so Ms.Hen is doing a great job!

-One of the Maggies is setting an egg.  She’s built very nice nest and is definitely trying to do the best job but unfortunately I don’t think her egg was fertilized… so it’s bound to be a bit of a disappointment for her.  We’re leaving her be for now.

-We’ve started letting the sheep graze in the chicken paddock every other day in an attempt to keep the grass at bay.  The sheep are enjoying the forays, while the chickens are barely civil about the whole thing.  The setting Maggie has hissed at and bitten several of the more inquisitive sheep but so far all is going well.

Artisphere is this weekend!  I have to say it is one of my favorite festivals and this year looks to be incredible!  We didn’t go last year due to sickness I think but this year we are all gearing up!  Seriously, if you’re in the area it is well worth the $5-$10 parking fee to see some incredible artwork and meet the artists. 

-Sophie had a massive reaction to something that left her whole entire face red and swollen for nearly a week.  During the same time she had poison ivy in various places all over her body as well but we don’t think that it was poison ivy on her face.  Several phone calls to Sophie’s dermatologist ensued and now dear Sophie is all better.  She spent the first day walking around talking about how Dr. Bryan is a super hero because he helped her overcome the “reddy reds” on her face.  Sophie has only conferred super-hero status on 3 of the MANY doctors she’s seen over the years.  Dr. Bryan, her dermatologist that removed the questionable mole off her knee and has seen her for other issues stemming from my family history of SJS.  Dr. Easterling, the ophthalmologist that treated the allergic reaction she had on her eyeball.  And Dr. Roberson, the bone doctor from last year’s squirrel mishap. 

-Sophie is going to need braces soon.  We are all a little freaked out about that.

-Jim is an honest-to-God employed Registered Nurse now!  Yeah!!! 

-Xander’s recovered from his head first dive into the couch (resulted in an ER visit to glue up the hole in his head).  He has a tiny scab and it looks like it is going to leave a bit of a scar but luckily his hair covers it so he’s ok with it.

-Xander is now riding a bike without training wheels!  And I’m happy to say that he almost always wears his helmet!  The fall into the couch has a lot to do with that I think!

-Beckett is insanely jealous that Xander can ride a bike with no training wheels… however we cannot get Beckett to ride anything except his big wheel so we’re wondering why it even matters to him.

-M’s garden is doing pretty good so far, considering that she’s been hampered by mechanical malfunctions ranging from a faulty plow to a completely blown hydraulic system on the tractor. We were finally able to borrow our cousin’s tractor only to find out it has extremely questionable brakes… looks like it’s going to be fun plowing the garden!!   She has planted potatoes, onions and shallots so far and they are growing nicely. The boys have been helping battle the potato bugs even though Xander finds it disgusting to squish them. 

And that’s about it.  I’m hoping to start blogging more as I’ve become disillusioned with FB, but that’s a post in and of itself.

2 thoughts on “Back up to date

  1. Michelle

    I am sooooo glad you are disillusioned with facebook! I love your blogposts….I had kind of given up on you so it has taken me a whole week to see this post….lazy lazy lazy I am!

    Things are totally bustling over in tapsalteerie land! remain disillusioned!


  2. Shea

    Yeah after I had a 2 week hiatus from FB due to having my neice and nephews visit and just getting busy with farm things I realized that I really don’t like FB… so I deleted all my pics except a couple and stopped short of deleting my account since I have reconnected with some high school friends and it is about the only way I hear from some of my extended family. But my desire to write more than 450 characters (or whatever the limit is) has kicked in… I miss blogging.


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