Lady Trail Ride 5/16/10

So the day after the bareback ride I took Lady out again, this time saddled. I actually ended up riding twice as I went out for a short 1 3/4 mile hack with Jim and then went for a much longer one with Julie. The above map is from the first ride. I have a new app for my bb that lets me map out our hacks and lets us see how far we’ve travelled. It’s really made for runners and such, but it works fine for horseback too 🙂 And I’m sure it’ll be helpful as we become more serious about the hunter paces… at least it’ll give us an idea of how far/fast we’re going.

Anyway… I did ok yesterday and probably would’ve continued to do ok had I actually ridden yesterday… but due to time constraints I didn’t. Today I am very stiff and very sore and very much wanting to go back out for another ride (I know… glutton for punishment).

In other news- Dama is still named Dama and is doing well 🙂 She and Pasha are coming to terms with each other (ie Pasha is still miffed at having a sister). Rosalee seems to like Dama better than Pasha much to Vess’ dismay!

And that’s about it for this morning…

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