We’re calling him Kevin…

Last night around midnight Jim called me to say that I needed to check my phone and then call him right back. Groggy, I thought What the heck is he talking about??? so I checked my phone and saw a blurry, Loch Ness-esque photo of a blackish blob with the caption “Wild Hog, can I shoot it?”

So I called him back, slightly more aware, and discovered that there was indeed a pig of some description hanging out in the cow paddock. Curiosity won out and I hopped out of bed, grabbed a jacket, slipped into my wellies, grabbed a spot light and a walking stick (how effective it would be against a wild pig is debatable but I felt better carrying it with me!) and headed out the door. I caught a reflection of myself in the French door… it was really a funny look… but hey… it’s farm-life!

So I bravely hopped the fence into the cow paddock and after several tries I finally spotted the wee piggy. It seemed content and extremely docile so after deciding that the pig wasn’t a threat to the cows we left him for the night.

Bright and early this morning we headed out to see if “Kevin” was still in the paddock and there he was, standing with the cows at the gate, just like he’s lived here his whole life. I coaxed him up to the fence and he seemed happy to have a wee scratch which makes me think he either is or was somebody’s pet. So I made a few phone calls and so far nobody knows who he belongs to. I’ve heard that people have dumped Potbellied pigs in rural areas once the pigs grow out of the cute stage so I wonder if that is Kevin’s story too. One of M’s co-workers has a stray PB pig that was dumped at her farm… so it’s a plausible idea.

So we’re letting him hang out in the paddock with the cows until his owner comes calling… or at least for the next few days… after that we’ll have to decide what to do with him… I’ll admit that I’m soft about him as I do feel like he’s been dumped but I’m hoping that his owner turns up.

3 thoughts on “We’re calling him Kevin…

  1. Shea

    Kevin works on so many levels… Kevin like from the movie UP (we were unsure of gender last night). Kevin BACON….

    Last night he looked crazy! It looked like he had been shaved except for a mohawk… this morning he looks much better!


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