Aunt Martha Goes on Vacation

This past week M, my brother and his family and my Aunt Martha went on vacation to Lexington VA, Monticello, Carlisle PA, Hershey PA, Lancaster PA, Philadelphia, Stasburg PA, Washington DC and to Jamestown. It was an… interesting… trip but Aunt Martha had a good time. So here’s her trip in photos.

On the road
Here she is climbing back into the van after a rest stop on the way to Lexington.

Mitchie Tavern dessert
She enjoyed a meal at the Mitchie Tavern at Monticello.

Chocolate World
She visited Chocolate World in Hershey PA.

Chocolate World Cookies
Where she shopped for cookies…

Chocolate World Shopping
and chocolate…

Chocolate World Shirt
and even a shirt šŸ™‚

Breakfast at Faye's
She ate breakfast at Faye’s Country Kitchen in Carlisle… she loved it!!

at Independence Hall
She visited Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

at the Liberty Bell
As well as the Liberty Bell.

admiring great taxidermy
She admired this 200 year old eagle (it was somebody’s pet eagle… it was a real bird… taxidermy has been around a looong time).

at the Signer
She begrudgingly posed with The Signer.

making friends
But made friends with the Philly Phanatic (he recommended a cheese steak…)

out to eat in Lancaster (I think)
And she headed back to Lancaster and had a great meal at an Amish restaurant that nobody can remember the name of and then went shopping.

on the Train at Strausburg
She went for a train ride in Strasburg.

And then they were off to Washington DC…

Visiting the Kennedys
Where she visited the Kennedys at Arlington

at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
And watched the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Wondering if it will still fly
Then she went to the Air and Space Museum and contemplated flight…

Considering the navy
and sailing…

Thinking about flight
as a means of escape (she wasn’t as thrilled with the Air and Space Museum).

But then she was off to see the other sights…

at the Washington Monument
The Washington Monument…

sitting with Lincoln

The view of the Mall…

At the WWII memorial
The WWII memorial…

At the Castle
And then she visited “the Castle”

Looking at a Quilt
She enjoyed looking at the quilts.

Meeting a Stuffed Buffalo
And buffaloed the buffalo (ok that’s only funny to me…)

But then she was back out on the Mall.

Contemplating the Capitol
Contemplating what is going on at the Capitol.

And then they went to Jamestown, where she sat in the shade and avoided the camera for the most part.

checking out Jamestown
But she was snapped in the Indian Camp thing.

On the Jamestown Ferry
And she rode the Jamestown Ferry… but didn’t like it much.

And then she came home. When asked about her trip she said “it was alright… I guess” which is about all we could’ve hoped for.

4 thoughts on “Aunt Martha Goes on Vacation

  1. Shea

    Martha is one of kind. She has always been a little socially out-there and she never “puts on a happy face” to please the crowd… you always know where you stand with her! M had a borderline horrible trip with my brother so my aunt enjoying herself made up for it tremendously.


  2. Susan Blair

    Shea this is so funny, we all have laughed so hard we cried! Please tell your mom, Martha, your dear husband and precious children how MUCH we enjoyed today! We must do it again soon! Love The Atlanta Cousins.


  3. Tapsalteerie

    Definitely have to get together again SOON! Jim said he felt “left out” since he was gone for much of your visit. So much fun! Be sure to tell Lisa that we DID water the horses and no the pigs didn’t get out šŸ˜‰


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