In more farm related news…

We moved Woodrow and Leo up to the draft paddock. So far that is going well. Woodrow and Leo are still sticking together but it is interesting to note that W and Pip are very nearly the same height. I knew that Woodrow had grown but didn’t realize he’d grown so very much. The difference in Leo is amazing! He’s no longer a dull yellow but is a bright coppery gold with a flaxen mane and tail… a true palomino! We are hoping to start his training soon now that he’s filled out. He’s always going to be a thin horse, but he’s no longer emaciated and has developed muscle tone which makes him look great. His personality has mellowed considerably since being gelded and I still cross my fingers that he’ll pull a Twister and grow well into his fourth and fifth year.

Ri continues to look huge. She is still maintaining a slight bag, it is progressively, yet slowly, getting more developed so the hopes are still around that she’s truly pregnant. Everybody thinks that she’s grown taller, as I no longer can tiptoe to see over her withers… I suppose she could’ve grown but she’s just so HUGE in general that it’s hard to say.

Lady continues to do fabulously now that she’s been returned to the riding line-up. I have not pushed her for more than a lazy trot, although she has “chomped at the bit” and bullied her way to a canter a couple times. We have tried to stay sensitive to her condition, allowing for a few lazing moments in the creek to cool off, and she has continued to do well with no Thump episodes at all.

In VPB pig news- Kevin finally returned to his home… although I’ve since found out that they were looking for a new home for him and he may have “made a bad end” to use a bit of flowery language. If I had known they were looking for a new home for him I would’ve called my neighbor’s friend that takes Vietnamese Potbellied Pig rescue… as it is, I have a bad feeling about Kevin’s prospects. 😦

In Tamworth Pig news- In a bout of bad pig management, I left Beulah and Bruce together a bit too long it seems and Beulah gives all indication of being greatly pregnant (she had waxy teats the other morning) and she’s the size of a whale. Which is why Leo and Woodrow are now in the draft paddock so that I could move Beulah into their large paddock which has a nice shelter should she need it.

In Cow news- Lucy died this past week. We figure she was somewhere near 18 years old possibly older. We got her several years ago from a dairy in the lower part of the state that wanted to get rid of her because she had a malformed hoof. Her hoof continued to be a problem throughout her life (we consulted with vets and other dairys and they all recommended sending her to market for meat) but we maintained her and she was happy until the passed few months. We had just made the decision to put her down when she went down on her own. While she was never the endearing cow that Maudy and now Maisie are, we are all just a little bit sad anyway.

On a happier note… we’ll be turning Maisie and Mary in with RayRay this month so hopefully we’ll have a couple Spring 2011 babies although I’m going to have to get my cheese making groove on by then to deal with the milk! Maisie’s production has slipped considerably, but we are 15 months into milking and it’s to be expected… still getting around 3 gallons a day so I’m not complaining at all!

Pasha and Dama continue to be the cutest babies on the farm (for now). Pasha has definitely epitomized the reason why you would call someone an ass… while Dama is a sweet girl. Pasha is not so fond of people, while Dama shows her mother’s curiosity and gentle nature. The funniest thing about Pasha is his relationship with the roosters… I can’t decide who is worse- Pasha chasing the roosters and nipping their tails or the roosters that wait for Pasha to lay down for a nap and then hop up on his hip for a wee nap too.

The gardens are powering away. We have lost the battle against the Colorado Potato Beetles and are pulling all the potatoes now. They are actually exactly the size I wanted so it’s not really a lose. I’m planning to can the bulk of them as I simply adore pan-fried potatoes (a recipe I picked up on my brief sojourn in Belgium). I’ve been making new potatoes in cream with herbs multiple times a week. It is simply delicious!!

So anyway, I’m in the midst of cooking supper and can’t remember what else I was going to blog about so that’s it for now.

4 thoughts on “In more farm related news…

  1. Shea

    I need to do a new one… but I think I’m waiting for somebody to have babies as neither Beulah nor Ri have produced anything yet. Ri however has developed a much larger bag so fingers crossed that everything goes well 🙂


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