New Potatoes and Cream (for Sally)

This is my absolute favorite thing right now although I have promised the family that I won’t make it (AGAIN) tonight. Sally asked for input and since I never really have a recipe (unless I’m baking and even then I’m a bit carefree) I purposefully made it last night, taking notes along the way.

First you’ll want to start by scrubbing your potatoes particularly if you just dug them up.

Washed Potatoes
This is a little less than 2lbs of Yukon Golds.

Then I use a thin edged spoon (like a soup spoon) to scrape off the skin and remove any weird places.

"peeled" potatoes

You don’t have to get crazy… I have made it without removing the skins but it’s easy to remove the skins and it looks better (and it gives me a kitchen job for Sophie who loves to help.

If the potatoes are larger than bite-size I quarter them.

Quartered Potatoes
Here they are all quartered and ready to go.

I cover them with cold water and boil until they are slightly less than fork tender. If you screw up this part you’ll end up with mashed potatoes which are still excellent so it’s not a bad thing… just not the same thing.

Then I added somewhere around a pint of cream to this batch (I never know… I just eyeball it)

Added Cream
Which was actually a bit too much as it took forever to reduce.

Added Chives
When it’s reduced down add a handful of chives (I’m getting a little low on chives… otherwise I would’ve added much more).

Dinner for M and Jim
Here it is plated up for M and Jim’s supper (they were at work… thus the ginormous portions).

Yum *
Contrary to their lamentations about me cooking this too often they did eat every single bite (even licking their plates)… so I think it’s safe to say that it’s a big hit 🙂

*this is my craft table, but Sophie and the boys like to eat supper here when it’s just the four of us.

5 thoughts on “New Potatoes and Cream (for Sally)

  1. Heather

    That looks delicious. I was just thinking of what to do with all of the chives that are growing in my garden right now, and here is the perfect suggestion. Thanks for sharing


  2. Lori

    Finally have a few free minutes to catch up on my blogger friends!!!
    Yum! I am going to try this. I am a total potato girl and will eat them any way but raw. Now – here’s your challenge…my grandma used to make what she called “creamed carrots” and also “creamed cabbage.” The veggies weren’t actually creamed, but rather cooked in a white cream sauce, so I am wondering if this is how she made them??? I have been craving that dang cabbage but don’t have a clue how to make it so I’ve had to settle for our hungarian family favorite of fried cabbage and noodles. What do you think – creamed cabbage – do you do this?


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