Poor Beualh has been looking just awful the past few days…miserable, and very pregnant. This morning Jim went out to feed and when Beulah didn’t come up he went investigating and found 7 wee piggies. We went out to see them and as were we taking pics she popped out another one and then she seemed to settle down as if it were all over. Only she wasn’t. She ended up having 11 all total and every single one of them are doing well. No scragglers so far and only one that might be considered “the runt” (she’s a feisty little girl that squeals like the devil when she doesn’t get a teat at meal time).

We’ve been going out to check on them a good bit today and Beulah’s been enjoying the scratches and rubs although she does snort and snarl menacing when her piglets squeal!! It’s a little scarry! And Bruce has worked himself to death “escorting” everyone from the gate to the barn and back again. I think he’s looking for a treat… but it could be the back scratches and ear rubs that he’s really after. He’s a funny guy. When I left them last they were all asleep with Bruce outside the barn buried up in dirt and the little piggies in a big wad all blissfully asleep with Beulah snoring away. Family bliss!

2 thoughts on “Piglets!!

  1. Lori

    I love this! You and your animals just fascinate me. I am a country girl, but didn’t grow up on a farm. I wish we had animals for the kids to care for. It’s fish and a puppy for us.


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