It’s a BOY

This morning while Jim was feeding he noticed that Ri looked a little thinner than normal which could really only mean one thing.

New Baby


Oh I’m so very excited! I just don’t even have words! He’s huge, as to be expected, but I haven’t measured him yet… his withers hit me right at my waist so he’s tall. He’s got the prettiest blue eyes! I was so surprised! I love blue eyes framed in black! His offside eye is framed in half black and half white… but regardless he’s GORGEOUS and I’m just so very happy!!

4 thoughts on “It’s a BOY

  1. Ann Hierholzer

    My name is Ann Hierholzer and I own Pure Valor who I got from Liz. I knew Ri when she lived with liz and I just wanted to say that is one pretty baby you have! What are you going to name him?
    Hope to talk to you soon,


  2. Shea

    Hi Ann! Nice to meet you 🙂

    We have named him Bingley (Pride and Prejudice has ever been one of my favorite novels and his personality is already so very sweet like Mr. Bingley).

    I looked up Pure Valor and he’s quite handsome! I love Percherons and Percheron Crosses… actually all my other drafts had been Percherons prior to Ri (but then we went crazy with Ri and then Woodrow and my husband’s Shire Pip)

    Ri has been such a great horse! I quit riding her about 2 months ago because she let me know it was no longer fun for her but she’s continued to be a big (BIG!) pet in the pasture… always coming up for face rubs and scratches… plus she’s a pro and nosing out treats! She’s such a funny horse though… very reserved… but I like that about her 🙂


  3. Liz Austin Steltzner

    Hi there!! Shea, this is Elizabeth from Easley! You came to mind today, so I decided to look you up on facebook. I didn’t find you there, but a little more sleuthing led me here! Please e-mail me–I’d love to reconnect!


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