I’ve been taking some flak lately about not posting anything. The truth is I’m suffering from a bit of writer’s block. I have things I want to blog about, but the words just aren’t there. So anyway… I was going through my drafts and found this one that I never published written back in January I believe. It even has video 🙂 So enjoy while I try to break out of my writing blahs!

Today Jim and I went for an unconventional trail ride.  I rode Lady and Jim rode his bike.  Very unusual pairing for certain and I had a couple reasons for asking Jim and his bike along on our ride.  First of all, I enjoy Jim’s company (resounding “Awwwwwww” I know… still sappy after all these years). Secondly his bike has an odometer and I wanted to measure our normal circuit (just barely less than 3 miles). And finally because Lady has this weird spooky gene that pops up every now and then (maybe some TB in her somewhere? I don’t know) and I knew that Jim’s bike would be a great beginning to helping her overcome her periodic phobia of anything moving (squirrels being her current bane).

So anyway.

We made a meandering path through the woods and Lady did manage a spectacular spook while crossing “the draw” (the only real spook we’ve ever experienced that included a moment of “Oh-my-gosh” followed by RUN-AWAY-3-steps-before-remembering-the-rider-on-your-back) when Jim’s bike abruptly came to a halt with a stick in his spokes. 

So we continued on with Lady doing her best breathing impersonation of an Olympic dressage horse (snort, snort, snort with every step) and made the circuit (which is now becoming boring… of course) in record time.  When we made the turn back onto the tower road (which is an actually just a utility road to access the cell-tower on the back of our woods) Lady was very eager to return home and had become so comfortable with Jim’s bike that she got a bit anxious when he rode on ahead of us and around the bend.  So without much encouragement (and sounding like a herd of elephants) we picked up a trot and rounded the bend.

And there we encountered creepy-across-the-pasture-pothead-man (and yes that is his official name now).  At first I thought he was using the back of his “shed” (going with a loose interpretation here… it’s a two-story thing that leans alarmingly to one side) as a urinal… But then he turned around and started doing this weird zombie like walk towards us… which made me a little uncomfortable.  Then I noticed his glazed over eyes and his very pungent odor (combination BO and pot and “aroma X”) evidently hit Lady and me at the exact same moment as we both wigged out and when I slightly asked for Lady to pick up  a faster gait she was like “OK! let’s get out of here!!!” and that’s when it happened….

Lady cantered. 

Oh I hear you horse people out there laughing!  Since I’ve had Lady I’ve been unable to get her to pick up a canter at all…even with strong encouragement she was simply unwilling to even roll over into a canter for a few steps.  So I chalked it up to being out of condition and figured we’d work in a walk and trot until she got used to being ridden more often. 

So anyway, back to the canter….

So the man freaked us out and when I asked for some speed Lady said ok and picked up the biggest canter I’ve ever ridden, it was like she leapt up into the air and coming out of it was like falling off  a building!  Jim, who did not see the whole exchange as he was well ahead of us, was a bit startled as we went blazing by him and I think we may have blown him off his bike, but I can’t remember for certain at this moment.  Jim caught up to us at the tower and we all praised Lady highly, who was very pleased with herself I might add.  So then, not wishing to dawdle because my last glance I’d had of the creepy-pothead-guy was of him continuing his weird zombie walk towards us, we made quick time through the woods and back to the house or more exactly the pasture.  Lady was well-behaved and I was very pleased with her!

So yesterday I was hung up in G’ville all day but luckily made it home just with enough daylight to ride, owing to the fact that Jim had Lady saddled and ready for me (he’s a keeper 🙂 ).  I had spent the bulk of my time hanging out at the Tack Shop (it’s a long story) and had found a bridle that was large enough to fit Lady’s head and also a new bit that I thought would work better for her.  So I threw together her bridle, fitted it to her, hopped on and warmed her up.  Then Jim and I went on a brief trek through the woods and came  up by the lower gardens.  So as we made the turn to go back up towards the sheep, I asked Lady (with leg pressure no whip) for a canter and off we went.  It was great fun! And I even have video proof! Mind you the video was taken on a cellphone… at dusk… from a distance… and heavily edited to make the rider not look so bad…. but video nonetheless!

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