Bingley Update

Woodrow and Bingley cropped

A few people have asked me how Bingley is doing now that he’s an orphaned foal.  I’m glad to say that he is doing well.  He took to the bucket feedings very fast but the best thing I did was turning Woodrow out with him.  Woodrow is just over a year old so still a baby in a lot of ways and has been an easier companion for Bingley than Skye or one of the older horses. 

There has also been a pleasant side effect in that Woodrow, who has always been sweet but a bit standoffish, has turned into something of a puppy dog.  He’s eager to seek out the humans when we’re outside.  He’s always been quick to ask for a rump scratch, but now he’s just as quick to ask for a head rub too.  He’s a sweet boy and growing by leaps and bounds! 

I’ve always noticed that my horses each have an extremely distinctive smell… I rarely can describe it well enough but Woodrow is easy.  He smells like wood smoke.  When we first got him I assumed that someone had been burning near his pasture and the smell was in his fur, but after he slicked out he still had that distinctive smoky aroma.  It’s weird.

Anyway, more about Bingley….

When he was born we guesstimated his height at 10hh.  Yesterday (3.5 weeks old) he measured 11hh.  If he’s anything like Ri he’s bound to be a big boy!  He’s still gaining weight nicely too.  He gets 1.5 qts of milk 4 times a day plus he nibbles on Woodrow’s feed and grazes a bit when he feels like it.  He spends a good bit of time napping and has gotten so used to me that he’ll lay down next to me and put his head on my foot and go to sleep.  He’s a crazy little guy!

I’m not familiar enough with paint foals to know exactly what color Bingley’s going to be.  I assumed at his birth that he would be black and white… but now all his black patches have faded to a pale brown so I don’t know what color he’s going to be once that all sheds out.  He’s eyes are still the most striking thing about him as they are so very blue and with his thick black eyeliner (Think Kat Von D or King Tut) it looks almost unreal!

Bingley meets a cat cropped

But regardless he’s a pretty boy and I’m glad that he’s transitioned so well.

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