The Horse I DID Get!!

Baxter- such a pretty boy!


Can we say SURPRISED?!?!  So there I was feeling on one hand quite mopey and on the other quite repulsively self-centered (because I was moping) when Jim calls me and says “Shea!!! Get out here quick! Maddy is colicking!!!” and I’m like OMG! heartache! and race out the door.  Where I see a very familiar truck and trailer coming up my road.  A truck and trailer seared into my memory because Riona and Woodrow had been delivered with it.  A truck and trailer that had no reason to be on my road. 

Except it WAS on my road which could only mean one thing!  Jim (with the help of Julie and Liz) pulled one of the BIGGEST surprises of my adult life.  Baxter, the horse from my previous post was delivered to the farm just this afternoon.  I’m so flabbergastedly shocked that I’m making up words! 

Unfortunately Jim had to work tonight… so Julie came by and we ooohed and aaahed over him long enough for me to get a bit sunburned.  I’m looking forward to taking him for a hack this weekend… but for right now I’m just content to stare at him peacefully grazing in MY pasture! 

I love you Jim! Thank you so much for understanding that it’s not diamonds, or cars, or furs and clothes but a horse that will make me cry (and throw halters at you).  You are more awesome than any man around and I can’t possibly articulate how very much I love you!  And thank you for understanding and loving me when I’m being unrealistic, unsympathetic and downright self-centered.  Thank you for seeing through all my ugly and loving me anyway.  Thank you for being my very bestest friend!  Thank you so much for listening to me whine for an entire day without cracking and ruining the surprise.  Thank you so much! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again!

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