Why yes I DO still have children

I’ve been informed that I’ve made entirely too many blog posts about horses lately… so here’s a quick update on the kid front.


-Sophie will be going to the Brain Balance Center in G’ville just as soon as I can get in touch with Allison to set it all up.  In all our “doings” with Sophie we have been sent or referred to so many different therapists that just didn’t seem to understand that Sophie was NOT autistic… just very different.  I met Dr. Naumann by accident at a Whole Foods thing and for the first time in the 6 or so years that we’ve been formally dealing with Sophie’s issues I heard someone say something that made sense.  We went to the free parent talk and then signed up for Sophie to have the 2 day assessment.  I have to say the assessment is money well spent!  I had intended to just do the assessment and then use that information to do our own therapy at home… but after seeing how it all works and understanding how they are able to stimulate Sophie’s brain in ways that we are unable to do at home… I was sold.  Plus it’s not just a “do-it-there” kind of thing… there is a big huge notebook of “homework” that keeps the momentum going from the therapy sessions.  I’m very excited to see if this really does help… excited enough to not be too distressed at having to drive down Woodruff Rd three times a week since that is where the Center is located! 

Xander- GOAL!

-Xander and Beckett are playing soccer this season.  It’s been an interesting adventure so far.  They are not playing on the same team so it makes the practices on the nights that Jim works very interesting as I spend the whole time walking from one field to the other!  Xander has been doing really well, although he gets frustrated sometimes because he wants to do everything the best or the fastest.  It’s been a great experience for him and he’s making a bunch of new friends which is always a good thing 🙂  Xander has also started riding Skye, his pony, more often.  Although here lately that’s not been going so well.  The pony took him through a cedar tree scratching his jaw just the other week and today we found ourselves in the ER for 6 stitches.  Xander was trying to ride Skye through a gate but the pony spooked and Xander ended up cutting the inside of his upper arm while trying to push the pony off the fence.  Sounds like my childhood (horses running me into stuff) with Jim’s accidents (lots of stitches in Jim’s childhood!).  It may be time to find Xander a real horse instead of his little pony. 

Beckett- focused!

– Beckett is LOVING soccer!!  He is neither the biggest nor the fastest on his team but he sure is tenacious!  He’s sticks right in there with all the bigger kids and does the very best he can! He’s very focused and hasn’t been discouraged at all! He was originally supposed to play for a different team but through a series of miscommunications he never even practiced with them once. Happily he was able to slide into a different team that has worked out great for him. The coach (and his wife) have been great and I think that we couldn’t have asked for a better team for Beckett 🙂

School-wise we are doing well. We had an early start just after the Fourth of July during that heat wave that kept us all inside with the AC! We’ve been on break this week but will be getting back in the groove tomorrow… they’ve already amassed all their books and are looking forward to the morning 🙂

So that’s the highlights in a nutshell… I’ve been interrupted about 1000 times since I started typing this so I’m sure I’m completely incoherent in places!

3 thoughts on “Why yes I DO still have children

  1. Michelle

    Oh yes..kids! I forgot about mine too…except in the sense that they eat my chocolate chip scones and choc chip/m&m cookies. You even have pictures…you are such a better blogger than me!


  2. Shea

    LOL Michelle! You post more often than I do though 🙂 Everytime I sit down to write it seems I have at least one person demanding my full attention 🙂 I’m trying to be better 🙂


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