Jim has been so great with the whole horse thing that I really couldn’t say no when he suggested we go stand out in the broiling hot sun and look at race cars today during the whole Motorsports on Main extravaganza in preparation for the Petit Le Mans which I think is going to be in Atlanta this coming weekend.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not much into racing… except for Formula One and you really just can’t live with Jim and not become involved in F1 as he’s dropping tidbits and updates during the season. (Aside- did I ever mention the time I got into a minor altercation with a man in BAMM about who drove for Williams and who drove for Jordan in like 2005?? No? Well I did… it was weird… but anyway…) And we’re all over recording the races and ALL the practices (there are 2) and qualifications. We breath F1 from April to November… seriously… he even makes M watch it too… which is saying something.

But anyway… The Petit Le Mans is not Formula One… it’s a sport car endurance race but unlike the 24 hours of Le Mans (in France) it only lasts about 10 hours (which is flippin’ long if you ask me!!) or 1000 miles (whichever comes first).

Regardless the cars are pretty awesome! I’ll admit that the Patron Ferrari (pictured above) was my favorite… could be the paint job… could be the whole Ferrari thing… I don’t know… but it was pretty cool.

But anyway… everybody had a great time… although the boys and I were pretty much done after 20 mins… while Jim and Sophie were still going strong an hour later. It did give me a chance to people watch and I did find a notable trend. Lots of women with strollers and/or babies herding their children solo while their man drooled over the cars (I’m not kidding about the drool either). I had one negative encounter. A man was standing back from one of the cars trying to take a picture when the boys ran up to look in the cockpit… there were LOTS of other kids around but he snapped at Beckett and me saying something along the lines of couldn’t I keep my children under control. I totally admit that I snapped and rounded on him. I said “seriously, if you can’t get your Man-gasm on without attacking kids then you just need to go home” and stormed away not before hearing a smattering of applause from a few women behind him. Oh yeah… get me sunburned and dehydrated and attack my kid and see if the claws don’t come out.


So anyway. We did have a good time 🙂 Jim and Sophie hung out at the BMW tent for quite a while and Jim got to do the race simulator there which was funny because the seat was set for kids and he had to drive with his knees by his ears! All the kids got Michelin man blow up dolls (the blow up stob is on the Michelin man’s bottom… how weird is that?), activity books, tattoos and flags from the kids’ tent sponsered by Michelin. It was actually pretty nice. Sophie got autographs from 2 of the drivers and it’s like she’s totally met superstars (even though we don’t know who they are).

We capped off the day with gelato from the gelato shoppe at Lazy Goat. Unfortuately I got Brownie Batter or something like that and it was just awful 😦 YUK! Beckett got pistachio and it was delicious so that made up for it some.

All in all a pretty good time and it looks like they’re planning to do this again next year so I’m sure we’ll be there 🙂

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