Hunter Pace #2

Shea & Baxter at the finish


So I hear you thinking, “where’s the Hunter Pace #1 pics?”  I do have a couple… one really great one of Jim and Maddy, but, quite honestly… I’m just too tired to post.  We’re riding like crazy people around here now and when I’m not riding, doing schoolwork, driving to soccer or BrainBalance, cooking or attempting to relocate the floor… I’m sleeping. 

So yeah… 2 Sundays ago Jim and I went to HP #1 (for us) in Edneyville.  We had a blast!  The horses were great although we were way off on the times (too slow for hunters, too fast for trails) but we had a marvelous ride and the horses seemed as excited as we were.  We met a bunch of new people which was great and we left excited about riding the next HP at Tryon.

So this past Sunday was the Tryon HP and Julie was able to go with me… Jim valiantly watched the children (his Dad and Judy came out to help which was much appreciated!) while we hit the trail.  This time we, thinking very highly of ourselves evidently, opted to ride Hunters instead of as trailriders (Hahahahahaha!!! Oh it’s so funny!) and totally blew the time but for the most part had a good ride.

Jim said he heard the course was 11.8 miles long.  We did it in around 3 hours (times haven’t posted yet and I can’t exactly remember when we got back) and that was with lots of walking.  Julie had a leg malfunction (they turned to jelly on her) so we ended up walking a bunch of the galloping lanes so that she could regroup.  It is amazing how exhausting riding that hard is when you’re not exactly used to it…. I mean we ride a lot but not at that pace for so long.

Anyway… we had a good time… had a post ride picnic at the trailer… Baxter stole everybody’s chips (that boy eats ALL THE TIME!) and was such a good boy with all the kids climbing on his legs and walking under his neck. 

So afterwards Jim and I talked about having some mock paces here around the farm and neighborhood to get the horses (and more importantly us!) more conditioned.  This morning we did a loop through our property and along the quieter roads around the farm.  We went 5.3 miles in an hour and 9 mins.  Still totally off the hunter times but gotta start somewhere right?  The horses again had a grand time and weren’t even fazed by the idiot neighbor out doing target practice WHILE WE WERE RIDING BY!!!  (Idiot).

I then came in the house… turned the kids over totally to Jim and became re-acquainted with the couch… it was a great nap… interrupted by Jada scratching at the door (grrr on that dog) and then later by a dripping faucet… but enough of a nap that I’m now functioning as an upright human 🙂  It’s all good!

So my goal is to not have to zonk out asleep after every ride but it is a looooong road back to my fitter riding days… but again… you gotta start somewhere right?

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