The Horse Update

For once it is not entirely my own fault that I have not posted.  I have been having extreme computer issues and until this afternoon the only way I could post was via my phone and while that is effective, there is something migraine inducing about pecking out an entry on a touch screen.

So obviously a lot has been going on!  To bring us up to speed I’m going to resort to the good old bullet posts from my catch up blogs of old.

Beau.  He is now living in the neighboring pasture and I’m glad to say that his new owners have had an incredible amount of success with him!  I think Connie has had a special bond with Beau from the first time she met him! It was actually Connie and her family that originally informed me of Beau and Leo and the horrors they were enduring so I’m happy that Beau is now with people who will take care of him 🙂

– Obviously from the previous picture posts we now have 3 new horses!  I have been talking to Heather down at A Pinch of Luck in Woodstock GA on and off over the past year or so and finally found an opportunity to go down and see some of her lovely off-the-track-thoroughbreds (hereafter called OTTBs). We went down to look at Heavenly Pursuit and ended up seeing Bridget’s Sequel and Brazen Action as well… and you know I can’t stand to walk away….

Heavenly Pursuit (now Noorah) is still a little body sore from her racing career and is spending a good bit of time relaxing and recovering.  Jim did take her out for a test spin and discovered what it means to fly without wings when Noorah tripped and then took a wee gallop around the field.  No one was hurt but I wish I had a picture of Jim’s face when he regained control… he was high as a kite!!  For my non-horse readers- galloping a horse is a very heady experience… akin to the rush of going down that first drop on a roller coaster.

I remember when Heather first put Bridget up on her site and I had actually called about her even though she is much shorter than I normally prefer.  Bridget reads much larger than her little 15.2hh would indicate.  Evidently in the five years she’s been off the track she had a brief career as a broodmare.  We were surprised to find that Bridget is pretty much a push button horse.  So much so that Xander is already riding her by himself.  She is a total babysitter!  So much for the stereotypically red tb mare!

Razen is not with us yet but we are going on Tuesday to pick him up.  He is a pretty interesting horse.  Conformationally he leaves a bit to be desired but he makes up for it with an incredible personality and with his most unusual coloring.  Contrary to popular belief, TBs do have some interesting coat variations.  Many carry a sabino gene that is most often associated with Clydesdales or paints. Razen is an even stranger than all that because he is a Brindle Bay which is much like the brindling found in many dog breeds.  He also has a rabicano gene that silvers out his coat from his shoulder to his flank and he has a striking skunk tail. I can’t wait to get all artsy with his photos 🙂  Heather did an awesome job showing off his tiger stripes in his beauty shots so be sure to check those out!

-Julie backed Pip just a few weeks ago and he it already up to his second trail ride and you would think that he’s been doing it for years.  He’s turning into the awesome horse that we knew he would be… proving that waiting for him to mature was the right choice for all involved!  He has so far stayed true to his breed by being unflappable in even high stress situations!  And I am happy to say that his nose warts are starting to clear up!

-We were unable to make the HP today in Clemson.  Julie had to be in Cola, Jim and M both worked and I had no back up for childcare.  Somehow it is hysterical that we miss the one that’s closest to us!

-Baxter continues to be an awesome horse! Our last HP (at FENCE) was probably the worst ride of my life that didn’t involve a fall. I did change his bit and that seems to have been for the best. Actually I changed his whole bridle since I needed his old one for Pip.  It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I tacked him up with Aimee’s old bridle.  I’m pleased to say that it looks right sharp on him 🙂 I think Aimee would be pleased!

-Bingley is growing by leaps and bounds! He has entered the gawky stage of foal development where he looks pot-bellied and all out of proportion.  The fact that he has a tremendously long winter coat doesn’t help either.  Lady has evidently adopted him and has been very swift to let Bridget and Noorah know that they are not to mess with the baby, not that they have ever tried.

So we’ve been busy working with new horses and exercising the ones already here.  We are tossing around the idea of starting Leo now that Pip is well underway.  The only thing holding us back is that Leo has such a beautiful Western style that it almost seems a shame to bring him along English.  Regardless he is a beautiful horse but he’s getting fat without a job or exercise to keep him fit!

Anyway… that’s about it for now.  I will try do a few more posts over the next few days to bring us fully up to speed 🙂

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