I’m guessing the NY TBs….

decided to bring the snow with them.

Snowy House (First snow 2011)

We don’t usually get powdery snow… normally it’s icy (I say this as it is now sleeting outside)

Lots of snow (first snow 2011)

And normally it doesn’t stick on the road… but our little road is pretty much impassable. M is at work today and it’s looking like Jim will have to go get her in Landy or his big truck as it doesn’t look like our road or Cedar Rock are going to be any better any time soon.

Down the Road (First snow 2011)

At last measuring we had about 7 inches… which is a pretty good bit for us. According to the last weather report it’s supposed to stick around all week. The kids are ecstatic… Jim is naturally happy-go-lucky… and I am maybe not as thrilled… since somebody has to clean up all the mud and ick they track in!

Oh well… it is beautiful though!

4 thoughts on “I’m guessing the NY TBs….

  1. Louise

    I wondered how you were doing with all of that snow. At least you don’t have to worry about how the weather will affect the new guys — they’re used to it.

    Don’t know if you saw on COTH or not, but, we placed 115 horses this year, up from 92 last year. We’re all pretty happy about that total.


  2. Tapsalteerie

    Incredible!! So glad to hear that so many horses have been placed! As expected our NY TBs are dealing with snow just fine… maybe less than happy about it… but not upset about it either.

    We’ve been taking a page out of your book (blog) and going on walks in our woods… it has been great fun and luckily the ice hasn’t been too bad.


  3. Michelle

    We have had an unusually large amount of snow also….of course if the kids (and grown-ups) don’t take their shoes off at the door…my head literally explodes. So…by being able to turn my head purple…i have significantly cut down on the ick tracked in! haha. Love your pictures…I need to take more pictures! i am so bad at that.


  4. Tapsalteerie

    Michelle- I think with as much as you have going on (7??? Seriously 7???) you are allowed to slack off… although pics are nice to document the insanity right?


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