Prospective Seed List 2011

So while everybody else has been lamenting the snow and suffering from cabin fever, we have been planning our seed order for this year’s garden. Back before Christmas we moved Beulah and the remaining piglets (which are still for sale by the way, email for info!) to the garden area. Jim fenced in about a third of the garden for them and they have done a fabulous job turning under all the weeds and rooting up the inevitable rocks. Hopefully we’ll move them down another third in the next week or so as they are seriously doing a fabulous job!

Anyway, we are going to continue with last year’s theme of ordering from smaller seed purveyors as we had great success with the seeds we ordered from Amishland, Penny’s Tomatoes and Pepper Joes.

We carried over a lot of seeds from last year and we are still sorting through those… actually we are doing a full cleanse of our “carried over” seeds as we’ve found seeds in the save bin from 1997! EEK!  We are going to see if they germinate as it looks like a good science project for the kids and goes along with the science block we are about to start.

So anyway!  Here’s the list so far.


Plate De Haiti
Variegated Tomato
Amish Canner
Chalk’s Early Jewel Red
Red Potato Leaf
Glicks 18 Mennonite (this was a favorite last year!)
Martin’s Amish/Mennonite
Mule Team Heirloom Red
Pink Trifele Russian


Purple Glow in the Dark
Amish Pimiento Sweet
Martin’s Carrot
Thomas Jefferson Red Cayenne
Chervena Chushka Sweet


Strawberry Spinach
Dinosaur Kale
Eva’s Burgundy Lettuce (we grew this in planters on the porch last year)


Trionfo Violetto (purple pole bean)
Cosse Violette Pole Bean
Painted Lady Runner


Eva’s Ground Cherry
Pierce Lesher Farm Ground Cherry
Skirret-Sium (it is similar to salsify)
Japanese Yubari King Type Cantaloupe

And of course there will be-

Clemson Okra
Crookneck Squash
Zucchini (I’m angling for Raven again)
Corn (Popcorn, Incredible and probably Seneca Chief)
Potatoes (fingerlings, Yukon Gold, Red Norland, Kennebec)
Onions (from the farm store)
probably more cucumbers for pickling (I hate to admit how popular pickles are here!)

So that’s a start.  I like having these seed lists to review year to year.  I keep a written copy as well when we start planting and it’s been great fun to look at those to see what our gardening mood was.  Some years have been crazy!  But this year looks to be a little more laid back.  We are planning a kitchen garden nearer to the house while leaving the big “production” garden in the lower field. Should make for less grousing when we need an onion 🙂


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