Back on Fame


Yesterday afternoon Julie and I took Fame and Paris out for a nice long hack.  I haven’t been on Fame in several weeks due to a fetlock injury that, while not serious, needed to heal up before he could be put back in the rotation.  I think he’s really missed the rides because he did everything he could think of to try to help me get him tacked up faster and then fretted while we waited on Julie and Paris.  I tried to take a couple pictures of him while we were waiting, but he’s so interested in being right in your face that it makes it very difficult!  I only got the above picture because he noticed M walking around with the boys and stopped looking at me long enough to give them a good once over.

Anyway… I was a teensy bit nervous that Fame was going to show me some stereo-typical racehorse crazy (that I’ve technically not seen in any of my horses) since he was being so antsy during our tack up and because he’s been on rest for nearly a month.  In all honesty though, he is a nervous grooming horse.  He tends to try to help the entire time and while he doesn’t pull on the lead or try to break ties, he does tend to suck on the rope or try to hand me the brushes as I need them and the whole time he’s walking in place.  But yesterday he had a little extra fidget-i-ness that had me worried that I was in for a hotter ride than normal.

So anyway, Fame was a little antsy when I pulled him up to the mounting block, but as soon as I was aboard he was back to being his good old solid self.  We walked around a good bit and then we were off to the trails.

Seriously, Fame is an awesome guy! He’s by no means brave… but he’s very trusting once he understands what is asked of him.  He had a moment’s pause at the ravine and another at the sloping bank near the creek, but he followed after Paris with no problems.  I didn’t ask him to do much but walk.  He’s been out of work for a while and I didn’t want to overtax him.  We rode for about an hour and he finished up fresh as a daisy!

I’m just so excited to be working with him again! I’m planning to get a few more rides in on him and then introduce him to the creek.  After that we’ll start thinking about a pace. So long as he’s with a strong lead horse (like Baxter or Pip or Jen) then I think he will be just fine.

There’s just something about Fame that makes me go all teeny-boppery… he’s just that affectionate, charismatic kind of horse that makes you want to doodle his name with hearts on your notebooks.  Honestly… you’d think I’d have outgrown that phase a long time ago but evidently not!  Don’t get me wrong, I adore Baxter, but he is still in his goof-ball baby stage (he’s half draft which are late maturing, so at 6 Baxter is really more like a 3 year old!) that means he’s more interested in playing rip-up-the-blankets than in doing work with his human, not that he doesn’t like a good face rub… so long as there’s a peppermint involved!

The only drawback I have with Fame is that I wish that he was a taller horse.  He was listed at 16hh, but I’m thinking he’s not that big.  I kinda feel like I’m riding a pony, but I think I only feel that way because Baxter is so very tall.  Everybody says that we look good together, but I don’t care… I think he’s awesome!

7 thoughts on “Back on Fame

  1. Louise

    I was wondering what was happening with you guys. Glad to hear that Fame is working out so well. Those thoroughbreds, they like to have their jobs, and they like to please. Who could ask for anything more?

    Sorry about the height thing. We’re usually pretty close, but, I remember that it was freezing cold the day we listed him, and we had already been on the track a few hours. We might have been in a tich of a hurry and mis-judged.


  2. Tapsalteerie

    Totally think you guys rock Louise!! And even if you were off by a bit then I’m glad because putting him at 16hh made me look at him 😉 But you know, I was out with him just a little while ago and honestly I think I’ve got a warped perception because of Baxter. Baxter is still growing and I think he’s gained an inch or two which is throwing off my guesstimations. I need to measure everybody again but tapes are like unicorns around here… hard to find!!! Whatever his height, I think he’s perfect 🙂


  3. Margie Linn

    My delight in reading your posts is off the charts! You took in some horses that were on shaky ground. Bless you for that! Fame will reward you many times over by taking a chance by him, sight unseen nonetheless!

    I love reading your posts and your pics bring me to tears!

    Thank you so much for giving those four FLFs the benefit of a doubt! They’ve landed in clover.


  4. Tapsalteerie

    Margie- I think I am lucky to get to experience these guys. They are pretty awesome horses and I’m thankful everyday that I took the risk to get them. I have no regrets! And you know what’s totally awesome? I had taken a shine to a horse that Pinch of Luck had… Kwik Bullet with the birdcatcher spots… I thought.. what a neat marking! And then when I see Fame for the first time in person what do I see? Birdcatcher spots all down his shoulders! I thought those were snow flakes in his listing pics… I didn’t even know!

    Did you see the pic of Fame and my M? That is him 100%… all affectionate and loving! All of the TBs are very affectionate… but Fame is pretty special… as is Lucy… and Jen… and Diva… and Crane… and… 🙂


  5. Louise

    I just checked Equibase, and she hasn’t run since 12/4/10 at Finger Lakes. We get a little out of touch with these trainers during the Winter. I’ll make sure to check with Felix the first day we’re back at the track, which, unfortunately won’t be until mid-April or early May.


  6. Tapsalteerie

    Thanks Louise! I think y’all are so awesome for working to give these horses the opportunity to have a good home. Keep me in the loop if you hear anything about Ft.D… I think Fame was in that race with her on 12/4… actually I’m fairly certain that all of my horses have raced her at some point…


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