– We have been enjoying some incredibly fine weather recently and the horses are beginning to shed so that everything is covered in horsehair.

-I spent some time yesterday tidying up a few of the horses… grooming out and trimming bridle paths…. Baxter already looks better without his mohawk and all the TBs that I did (about half of them I think) were very well behaved for the snip snip snip-athon… even Lucy lowered her head for ease of trimming.

-I treated the horses that I groomed out for the weird funk that they all seem to have in various degrees.  Lucy is by far the worst effected, and she was very patient for the most part, considering that I didn’t have an extra set of hands to help while I was working on her.

-Almost all my horses need to have their coggins redrawn and I need to schedule the farrier.

-I need to make a run to Williams on Monday to pick up livestock feed. I will end up flying solo on that trip because Jim and M are working.

-I need to run by Farmhouse to return the gullet measurer… that should be fun with 3 kids in tow… The kids are fairly certain that the Farmhouse is their personal playground… they are so their mother’s children 🙂 Anyway… I want to look at saddles again and I’m hoping that Erika, Monica or Sue is there to give a hand…. Love those ladies… they’re so cool!

-Found out there is going to be a tack swap at TTS but it’s on the same day as a pace, so it doesn’t look like we will be going by there… I really like going to the swaps as it’s a great way to pick up little odds and ends that I’m still quite short on what with all the new horses.

-With renewing my old friendship with Maralyn I’ve been reminded of how inflated our English tack prices are… it’s so depressing.

-Maisie really needs to find a “bull-friend”

-Haven’t spied the first goose egg of the season yet, although we are getting a good many duck eggs now.

-The sheep are roo-ing

-The rams have nearly destroyed the old goat house with their ram-offs.

-M has mastered bread baking to the point that we are only buying the occasional pack of hotdog buns!  WooHoo! Go M!

-I’ve been making brioche and it is wonderful.

-Like many of my farmy friends I will be taking a hiatus from Facebook pretty soon.  You’ll probably see me trolling around on occasion, but for the most part I will be posting only here and on Flickr.

-I’ve been neglecting the blog and that makes me sad.  I’ve maintained it for so long that even though it’s a low-readership blog I still like to keep it going.  Personal history and all that.

One thought on “Meh….

  1. Michelle

    I know the feeling…I have been terrible with my blog too…it is that evil facebook I tell you! hahah. looking forward to reading more on the blog and i am going to try to do better on mine!


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