Bullet the Update

-I’ve been spending a disturbing amount of time attempting to write a blog update and failing miserably.

-The weather has finally settled (ie stopped raining) long enough for us to start exercising the horses again.

-Baxter is a big goon.

-Fame has lost his “race fit” and looks horrible.  I have to keep reminding myself that this is fairly normal and he will look better as he puts on weight and rebuilds muscle.

-We are still in the throws of the ick.  The MTG and Tea-clenz seem to be helping… but it’s still pretty icky.

-Ike no longer stays in the ram paddock.

-Julie now refuses to get out of her car without an escort.

-I was planning to go get feed tomorrow… but since it’s supposed to rain (again) it looks like I’ll be going on Wednesday instead. Probably should check the weather on that though.

-I met a super nice lady at the feed store the other day who was asking who we use to shear the sheep.

-Which reminds me…. I need to schedule the shearer.

-I am currently looking at “posh” saddles because I want to have my next saddle fitted to Baxter.  Posh horse deserves a posh saddle right?

-I’m in the beginning stages of Spring Cleaning.

-M will laugh when she reads that.

-We have reserved our hotel room for the Kyrgyz Memorial Day get-together! WooHoo!! I’m so excited to see some of my favorite bloggers!

-I have 20lbs of chocolates and goodies sitting on my counter waiting to wing their way over to England. I ran into a couple shipping snafus that prevented me shipping them sooner as shipping requirements have changed a bit since the last time I shipped stuff over.

-there’s a lot of “shipping” in that previous sentence.

-I’ve been corrupted by my “nephew” Matt who introduced me to a game called Demon’s Souls

-It is a really cool game now that I’m not dying every two seconds.

-I’ve been amused at the response to the fact that I (a 36 year old mother of 3) is a gamer.

-The guys at the game store think I’m totally cool… and want me to adopt them… which is kinda weird.

-and maybe a little creepy, cause they are in their 20s.

-tell me I don’t look that old.


-I’ve continued to go through old pics and found a couple of real doozies.

-but this one still makes me a little sad, but I’m at peace with it.

Erskine 1992

-Jim is awesome.

-He bought the texting keypad for the ps3… he says it’s because I complained of having to hunt and peck with the controller…. but he talks in chat more than I do…. I’m pleased nonetheless 🙂

-Regardless he continues to be awesome.

-The aforementioned nephew Matt (from England) will be arriving at the end of the month for a visit.

-The kids are over the moon excited.

-They had made a countdown calendar on the chalkboard but one of them has erased it (I was going to take a pic).

-I did an impromptu photo shoot with Sophie a couple days ago.

-this is my favorite shot from that day


-followed by this one


-and then this one.


-I made Vietnamese Crepes for supper tonight.  It was an epic fail… proving that not everything I cook turns out right.

-I was informed recently that Jim does not like rice wrappers… this boggles my mind.

-makes me want to make okra in rice wrappers.

-he absolutely detests okra.

-I try not to hold it against him.

-but it’s hard.

-2011 seems to be my year for reconnecting.

-which is very nice but has made blogging even harder than before.

-I’m less comfortable snarking when there may be someone actually reading.

-Maybe I should’ve titled this the “Random Bullet post”

-I keep a post-it note over the camera on my laptop.

-I say that it’s to keep the lens clean.

-but really it’s because I feel like it’s looking at me and that makes me paranoid.

-because I’ve seen me on Skype and it’s very skeeeery!!!

-I just realized it is pushing 2am and I’m still up (and alertly awake!) which doesn’t bode well.

-Did I mention I was writing (non-blog) again?  No?

-that would be because of the writer’s block that has crippled me to the point of bleary eyed weariness.

-day 2 into writing this blog entry.

-and I’m not feeling well… which may be why I’ve been in a funky mood for the past couple days

-I hate being sick.

-and I hate overcast dreary, stuck in the house days when I’m sick.

-So I made Mi-Bo tonight so that I could eat kimchi.

-it was delicious!!

-I feel amazingly better, but still not 100%

-but I feel well enough to end this post and hope for better inspiration tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Bullet the Update

  1. Louise

    It’s the weather. I’m in the same kind of helter skelter mood. And, I’m finding it tough to find things to blog about, hence lots of pictures of birds and critters. Sigh.


  2. Tapsalteerie

    yeah… this cusp of spring thing is always rough on me… and grooming the horses is aggravating my sinuses… but at least it’s starting to green up around here!!


  3. Michelle

    Is it all the stripes and hairspray in that picture that make you sad…stripes do that! love the random bullet point list…I have got to update my blog.


  4. Tapsalteerie

    LOL Michelle… no… or maybe yes? One will note that aside from the bangs which I don’t have now, my hair is exactly the same… I never got into the big hair thing.

    That pic was from my freshman year at Erskine and those were my very best friends… unfortunately right around the time that pic was taken we all fell out and of course things were said that hurt feelings… but I still like the pic bc it reminds of the really great times more than anything else 🙂

    I’m trying to post more here than on FB, so look out for more updates!! And please update your blog too!!!!!


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