Yet another…

OK.. hate me… I haven’t had the inclination to do a proper post.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in crazy pretty much since my last entry.  So here’s another bullet post.

Out for Fame

– As most of you know, we lost Fame back at the first of May.  I have been so heart sick about it that I was literally unable to write about it at all. Everybody knows that he was my favorite… my heart-horse of the NY thoroughbreds… and his death was just devastating.  He was cast into a red panel and evidently damaged his spine… he went quickly which is a blessing… but losing him has left me feeling a bit hollow.

– Matt is back for another round of farm fun.  I think this time though he’s discovered that working in the heat of a Southern summer is a bit more than he’d bargained for.  Regardless he’s still doing well and we are pleased to have him here.  And yes Maz, I will be posting pics soon!!

-I finally broke down and got a new saddle.  It’s a used Berney Bros Olympic (it’s a monoflap) and I ADORE it!  Baxter is like a whole new horse going under it.  It fits him nicely and he’s just so much happier! He’s been eager and just such a brilliant ride.

-Unfortunately the heat has kept us from doing much riding.

-We played musical paddocks yesterday. The assettes are now in the chicken paddock with Zeke, Pasha is in the ram paddock, Dama is in the ewe paddock and Razen is bunking in with Woodrow and Bing.  Today we are moving Bruce down with Beulah. I may move Crane and Lucy into the lower paddock as I’m trying to relieve some of the stress on the top horse pasture… I’m not sure yet, but it seems like a good plan.

– I MUST get hay today.

-but first I have to have the two back tires on the hay trailer replaced.

-why you ask? bc we blew them out the last time we got hay.


-and I’d like to thank the 20 or so drivers who were clever enough to notice the blown out tires, but not the four way flashers, the creeping speed and the watch car behind us for blowing their horns and pointing out the blown tires.  Forest and trees people, forest and trees!!

-we currently have no eggs and no flour in our house… this is an emergency situation!!

-the fox has killed all but 3 of our hens and 4 of our ducks.  We believe it did take out a goose as well, but that is unconfirmed.  The fox will have to go soon.

-My beloved Mootah died this week as well.  I fear that he ate a poisoned mouse as the neighbor’s house is for sale and I have a sinking feeling they had put out poison… I’m not getting any feed back from them but it’s a feeling I get.

Bax in his new bridle

-Baxter is awesome.

-Matt has a farmer’s tan… and I hate him because he can get sunburned and it fades to a tan… I get sunburned and I fade to lily white.

-Jim started burning the brush pile in the upper pasture.

-and then went to work, leaving M and Matt to deal with it for the 2 days it took to burn out.

-they still haven’t forgiven him.

-The garden has been a late slow start, but M and Matt are working diligently on it.

-I’m making pickles today.

-I need to make jelly as soon as the blackberries come in as it’s my favorite and we are out.

-I’m becoming bored with DS and will have to start a new game soon.  Suggestions?

-We have finished school for the summer.

-Matt thinks we’re weird bc we discuss geography and music and literature very often.

-In the last two days we’ve given him a headache quizzing each other on world capitals and geography (this afternoon we’re doing composers… Bwahahahahahah!!)

-In addition to the mutant fox we also have a skunk that’s skulking around the woods.

-trapping it should be loads of fun.
Crane back in rotation

-the “funk” is starting to clear up on all the tbs so we’ve put Crane back in the riding rotation and she’s doing awesome!!
Fencing with help
-Matt has been working hard maintaining the fences… luckily he’s had a little help.

-I’ve not uploaded the pics from our Washington trip, but I will soon. It was a whirlwind adventure and while we did not partake of the Kyrgyz events that were going on it was delightful to see some of our fellow adoptive families.  Meeting Dr.Mommy and her pumpkins was fabulous!! and Xander is still talking about L!

-and that’s about it… I’ll be updating the pics throughout the blog a bit later as I’m being glared at to hurry up so we can go do shopping!

7 thoughts on “Yet another…

  1. Margie Linn

    I am so sorry about Fame. I didn’t know this and I share your heartbreak about his unfortunate loss. He truly was one of the warhorses of the racing world and my heart was happy when he found a home with you.

    Please accept my condolences and may Fame have a well deserved respite and happiness over The Bridge.


  2. Louise

    I’m glad that you can finally write about Fame. He was a lovely, sweet animal, and I’m glad that he had the peace and comfort of living with you for a while, before he went to the Bridge. You gave him the most important thing on Earth — love.


  3. Tapsalteerie

    Margie and Louise- Fame was just an awesome horse and the total embodiment of what an ottb… a true warhorse… could be if given a little time and love. I still miss him so much. He was definitely my heart-horse and when he went down he tried so hard to do what I was asking of him, but his body just couldn’t comply. He was an awesome awesome horse and I’m still heart sick at his passing, but I wouldn’t have had a chance to know him without y’all’s help and I am thankful that I had even a short time with him. My other FLFs are doing great and I will be updating about them in the near future. Thanks again for all you’ve both done to help these great horses find new homes!!


  4. Lisa

    So glad you were able to post and talk a little about Fame. I’m so sorry. I check your blog daily and was excited to see a post. I miss y’all and think of you and life on the farm. Tell everyone I said hello. Love, Lisa


  5. Tapsalteerie

    Lisa- I was thinking of you and the other Atlanta cousins when I finally made myself sit down to write! I’ll be updating more often now… it’s that first post after a long break that’s hard but now it’ll be easier to write again 🙂 Hope you all are doing well!!


  6. Michelle

    I have been such a bad blogger I haven’t even read any blogs in like a month! I am so excited to be able to catch up on your blog! Yeah!!!! I needed something to pep me up tonight! Don’t get me wrong…I am still not going to do the laundry, dishes, or any work around the house before bed…but I am going to put a farscape in my computer and watch a movie and eat popcorn in bed….and all because you had some posts for me to read!


  7. Tapsalteerie

    🙂 Michelle! So sorry you were having a down night… but glad I actually had something here for you to read 😉 Now that the farm has gone back to normal (no more farmhand) I’ll be in a better frame of mind to post 🙂


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