Washed Up


Yesterday I started bathing the horses… I was able to get about half of them done.  Behold Woodrow in all his glory!  He is seriously a handsome boy, with the calmest, most laid back personality, although he did show us a bit of his jumping potential and I’m happy to say that he’s both keen and scopey!  My baby can jump!! And yes I did roach his mane as he had rubbed off about half of it and it looked silly, so with Matt frowning and protesting greatly, I cut off the rest of it.  Personally I think he looks better roached as he has a gorgeous neck.



The funk that has plagued the tbs is finally starting to clear up.  We’ve used a number of treatments but I think the Vetericyn and the CalmCoat have made the biggest difference.

I’m hoping to finish up everybody else today…

2 thoughts on “Washed Up

  1. Louise

    Woodrow is, indeed, a handsome fellow. He looks like he would be fun to ride, and I thoroughly agree with your decision to roach his mane. He looks wonderful. Glad you have the funk under control with the TBs.


  2. Tapsalteerie

    Thanks Louise… I must say I love a roached mane on a horse that can tolerate it… Bingley’s dam looked fab in a long roached mane (it would stand up about 2″ and looked awesome bc of the color variations in it).

    The TBs are finally starting to look good again so I’ll start posting pics again 🙂


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