Cranking up the music… going to fire out another bullet post… bare with me… it’s going to take a while

-So yeah… most of my close peeps know there’s been a lot of drama around the farm lately and hopefully we are settling back down to our normal level of crazy.

-It’s been an emotionally trying time… realizing that as much as you want to help someone… if that person doesn’t want to be helped there’s really no use trying.

-But that doesn’t stop the hurt.

-On the plus side, the children have bounced back almost to normal.  Sophie has been the slowest to recover, but that’s because she has such poor coping skills for stress.  We do not hold on to stress so this has been unfamiliar territory for all of us… and seeing all my children stressed out and at times unhinged has been difficult for this mama to watch.

-Now we are all flying in self-preservation mode… so if I’m ignoring you… it’s only bc I can’t cope with much right now.  So give me some space and some time and I’ll be back to my bubbly and optimistically silly self before you know it.

-EPSM are coming to visit for a day or so… my guys are soo excited 🙂  they can’t wait to see their cousins!!

-I’m sure it’s going to be a zoo around here with 7 kids in the house bc seriously who wants to go outside??

-did I mention that the humidity was 98% yesterday?  It was awful.

-it’s not supposed to be much better today.

-Lady had a severe thumping incident on Sunday.  It was pretty scary and happily Lauren was here and between the three of us we were able to get some electrolytes in her.  Lady is supposed to be on a daily electrolyte to keep her from having these episodes… but it appears that she was either not being supplemented correctly or at all.  And the incredible heat and humidity is stressing to a perfectly healthy horse, let alone one with health issues.

-We paid Lauren back by feeding her supper with homemade ice cream.  I think it turned out well.

-Jim and I got to see the last Harry Potter movie IN the movie theater… IMAX no less.

-We thought it was awesome.

-I cried twice.

-it has taken me over a week to do this post… and I’m still not finished!!

-the parts finally came in to repair the Ranger… which is AWESOME!!

-except the guy repairing it is going out of town on vacation for a week…


-Lady has continued to thump 😦

-I think the heat is stressing her and causing the episodes 😦

-Happily she does seem to bounce back quickly after dosing her with electrolytes… although having her roll her big expressive eyes around to give you the evil eye isn’t so much fun (right Lauren??)

-I’ve turned Bridget and Baxter out in to yard to graze.

-I can almost hear Baxter going NOM NOM NOM!!

-Bridget’s foal should be racing this year… evbody keep an eye out for a dk bay filly named Adrenalina… I would love to see a pic of her but so far all the links say she’s unraced.

-It has taken an insane amount of time to get this post out… worst case of blog-writing-block I’ve ever suffered!!

-Baxter has thrown his shoes and is now a touch lame in his near front 😦 He’s been so pitiful…he looks at me like “pity me, it hurts”

-Noorah managed to impale herself on a t-post or something and tore a place in her neck. It’s in an awkward, unstitchable place so we are fighting her about keeping it bandaged and covered. I’m hoping that all this one on one time with her will help with bonding… right now she’s acting all mad at Jim and is being sweet to me… so I’m not sure what’s up with that.

-the funk is drastically better… although Bridget just broke out with it again.

-my new girth is in so I’m hoping that I will be able to go pick it up sometime today or tomorrow.

-I’m so looking forward to the Fall… the 100F temps are getting old and I miss riding more often.

-and that’s about it for now… I think it’s taken a whole month to get this entry written which is ridiculous!

One thought on “reflecting

  1. Louise

    It seems that you are getting through your problems. I’m sorry that they have hit you so hard. Life certainly seems to hit us in the gut at times, doesn’t it?


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