Up to speed

Razen at the Fence Pace

-the second farm apprentice didn’t work out either.  We’re taking this as an omen to just do our own work ourselves 🙂

-Sadly we lost Sugar Crane to a freakishly rare disorder called Vaccinal Hepatic Failure.  We had taken her to the vet to have a gash in her near hind leg stitched and she was given (as is normal) a tetanus booster.  A short time later she went into liver failure and initially we thought we had nursed her through… only to have her suddenly and spectacularly die a few days later.  It was unpleasant and we are all devastated by her loss.

-Jim, Julie and I went to the FENCE pace and surprisingly came in 2nd in the trail division.

-Unfortunately Baxter had a brilliantly (not) spectacular spook at the very beginning of the pace… I was NOT unseated but it was a jolting 5 step spook downhill sideways.  Anyway… it aggravated my back and just after Thanksgiving I pinched a nerve and have been unable to do much except sit or lay down ever since.

-I went to the chiropractor yesterday and learned that my L2, L3 and L4 are swollen and evidently misaligned.  He did x-rays and an exam and I get to go back Monday to see if he can adjust me back to “normal”

-it’s going to be a fun weekend…

-be sure to check out the December special for the chiropractor… it’s a sweet deal for a really good cause!

-I’m pretty much caught up on all the Holiday specials currently airing on the Hallmark Channel.

-they are cheesy, but strangely addicting.

let’s see… what else??

-I finished playing Dark Souls a while back now.  I heard that they patched a couple of the cheats so I may play again… but until they make it easier to play with friends it’s replay value is pretty much non-existent for me.

-I just started playing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood… jury is out on whether I like it or not…. I find the controls to be a bit skitzy, but otherwise I think it’s ok.  I may play the series from the beginning and see how that goes.

Skyrim and Diablo III look interesting, but nothing is hooking my interest like Demon Souls once did.

-I really really really miss riding.

-Baxter is going to forget who I am by the time I’m able to get out there to see him.

-Jim fixed the Ranger (again).

-It needs it’s tires realigned but otherwise runs well.

-Our new cow Mavis is turning out to be a bit of a disappointment.  She has wonderful milk… makes wonderful butter and delicious cheese, but she has been exceptionally inconsistent with her volume.  And she’s exceedingly difficult about her feed.  She only likes super sweet dairy feed and what we like to feed isn’t so sugary.  We’re a bit at odds with her right now and her production has dropped dismally.

-Maisie and Mary are off in Elberton GA, hopefully being bred by a pb Jersey bull.  I sooooo hope that Maisie takes as she’s such an awesome milk cow!

-but in the mean time we may have to start eyeballing a new milk cow as seriously I don’t think Mavis is going to work out for us.

Day Two of Update

-I woke up this morning DETERMINED to be more productive (ie, be able to stand for more than 2 mins without collapsing in a ball of misery from my leg cramping).

-It didn’t really work.

-Until I watched this and had a most BRILLIANT idea (btw Santa? I would like those in red, size 10 please!)

-So I’m currently sporting one of Lucy’s BRIGHT GREEN standing wraps on my cramped up leg and guess what? I can walk and stand without dying!! It’s so awesome!

-I was able to go feeding with Jim this morning.

-I’m out of commission for a week and the feeding method is all messed up… Jim’s not as OCD about setting up the feed as I am evidently.

-I’m so excited that I am able to actually stand up relatively pain-free that I’m going to go clean the kitchen!!!

2 thoughts on “Up to speed

  1. Stonehead

    Diablo and Diablo II were among the very few computer games that I “got”. I might have to put some money aside for III, although a computer game would distract me from all the jobs I have to do. Oh well, I can always blame you for mentioning it! 😀


  2. tapsalteerie

    Well you know how it is… some days you work all day and just need to blow off some steam before you go to bed (well… that’s me anyway)… that’s why I loved Demon Souls because I could pop on, do a level with a friend or two and jump back off. I did get the first Assassin’s Creed and I’m finding it dreadfully repetitive with continued skitzy controls… so it’s not holding my attention at all… so maybe I’ll check out the earlier Diablo titles… if I get hooked I’m blaming you!!


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