A New Year

Yep, it’s a new year.  I rang in the new year standing in the pasture with Joop keeping the horses calm from the cacophony of rockets and whistles that were thundering all around us.  It was very noisy and luckily the horses seemed much more settled this year.  We only had a couple bouts of running but I was able to placate them with a handful of peppermints.  That Lucy… she’s gotta nose for peppermints… she figured out they were in my pocket and then did her I’m-so-cute-watch-me-turn-my-head-sideways-and-bat-my-lashes-at-you beg that I just can’t resist.  I love that mare… even with her blown out ankles… she’s just awesome.

And Baxter.  Big giant goober.  He got his feelings in a twit over the whole firecracker thing and tried to convince me to hold him.  Yep. Hold him.  At last measuring he was 17.2hh and weighed about 1500lbs.  Hold him.  Not going to happen.  Big chicken.  But he, like Lucy, did his I’m-so-scared-mommy face and ended up eating more than his fair share of peppermints.  I may have been played… but who can resist his big brown eyes?

Anyway.  Joop first footed us.  I tossed him in the house followed by a backpack containing vodka and cookies.  I hope it counts.  Can’t be worst than last year right?  We’ll see.

I’ve reopened the 365 blog, the link is to the left under the Facebook link.  I’m going to do my best to get a pic a day in this year plus my friend Liz is doing it as well so it will be fun (and I’ll have somebody to remind me before midnight that I need to take a pic).  It was fun in 2010 when I did it, so I’m sure it’ll be fun once again… just hope I make it thru the whole year.

I’m not really one for resolutions.  If anything I would resolve to ride more, argue less, and try to actually live each day instead of often just existing.  That’s pretty vague, so I can’t fail right?  Mostly I just hope that 2012 is a better year than 2011.  And for the record… house guests that I’m not related to are limited to 3 days.  Sorry to go all Ben Frank on people but he had it right… 3 days and that’s it.

I also hope to blog more this year.  I was woefully short on entries this year but seriously 2011 kicked us in the tail and left us scrabbling much of the time.  The Ranger is still broken.  The fencelines are still in need of repair.  Horses are still recovering.  I still can’t feel my toes.  The Christmas fiasco is still haunting around the peripherals of my memories… so I was rarely in the mood to blog… and when I was, it was mostly to complain, and that’s not really what I want to read back over in a few years.

So here’s to a new year full of promise!!

2 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Lisa

    Hey Black/Sims clan! Good to see you blogging again. Think of y’all so often and wonder how things are down on the farm! Sure wish I was closer to help you. Happy new year and hope that your holidays were great, even though you are down with your back. I look forward to your musings! My love to all! Lisa


  2. tapsalteerie

    Hey Lisa! Hope y’all had a great holiday as well!! And you are totally welcome to work around the farm anytime you’re down this way! Happily my back is better and I’ve been cleared to ride! Woohoo!!! I’m hoping to post more often but be sure to check out the 365 blog… I post something over there everyday… today’s is goofy lol… but I couldn’t resist!


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