Introducing Guinness


Look who got a new horse!  Introducing Guinness (we tried to change his name and it just didn’t stick so Guinness he remains). He’s a 13 year old 17.2hh Irish sport gelding that has extensive dressage training and zero trail experience…. yeah fun times. 
I’ve had him two weeks now and things are going well.  He still prefers to work inside the round pen but our first trail ride went well enough considering there was someone shooting in the woods while we were riding.  He’s a bit confounded by uneven ground and he gets a little antsy about trotting without a rail… but considering that he’s been off work for 6 or more months I think he’s doing fine.


He’s quite the drama king too.  He informed me early on that he only will tolerate soft brushes because he’s “sensitive” and he gets grouchy when I use any of the coarse brushes… he’s getting better about that but its quite funny to watch him pout.


He loves treats of course and I’ve very nearly taught him how to bow using treats as motivation.


He’s a big boy… everybody on the farm loves him but is afraid to ride him except me.  His dressage training makes him a somewhat complicated but I enjoy having a running conversation with my ride so I enjoy him… evidently that makes me weird. 


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