And we’re go

A lot of stuff happened.

I didn’t blog.

I’m back.

Deal with it.


So… the whirlwind trip to VSH to pick up the new babies was awesome!  I secretly (or not so secretly) love a road trip… I love the hilarious conversations, the camaraderie, the memories… even the exhausted feeling of falling asleep in a hotel room before starting it all over again.  It’s a weirdness.  The truth is, in my adult life I’ve not really had the luxury to take a vacation other than day trips or short weekends.  It’s hard to find people that we know can manage our feeding and milking routines without screwing it up and therefore making more work which really negates the purpose of a vacation.

So the trip was fun… 85 in VA was nightmarish and the sudden lack of diesel available after midnight made us incredibly glad that I have US Rider coverage… not that I wanted to use it.

We finally got to see Liz’s farm and meet all her babies! That was an awesome experience. My love affair with Sampson continued after he stuck his big head in the car with me to give me kisses. I have serious feels for that horse. He’s awesome.

Unbelievably I don’t have many pics as I was too busy scratching butts and petting noses to bother with photography.   There’s something awesome about standing in a field of 20-30 horses in the early morning.

The babies traveled home well. We stopped every 2-3 hours to give them water and give them a break from the road noise and constant vibration and all went well.. no shipping fever or other complications from the long haul.

Their first morning on the farm was exciting!

Until Lucy got mad and reached over the top of the panels and bit Legion.  Lucy is now living a paddock away with Guinness… She has been back near the foals with no problems but G seems to like having her in his paddock so we are keeping that arrangement for now.

So far the foals are doing well. Both are leading and allowing their feet to be picked up easily.  We have been doing short and simple training exercises with them and they haven’t disappointed yet!

Seiji is very mellow and laid back, while Legion is very spry and airy.  Seiji is a snuggler while Legion is more likely to want to play.  As different as they are they are luckily very compatible which is awesome since they will often be taken out together!



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