On the cusp of the new year

I’ve never been one to write big lengthy Resolutions.  Sure there’s the customary “eat healthier” and “ride more” but those aren’t really earth shattering.  This year my only resolution is to be braver.  My first act in that direction is signing up for a low level eventing clinic at my friend Nicole’s barn.  It’s all the way in March so I’m hoping that I can get back into my riding groove before then… otherwise I’m praying Nicole has the patience of Job!!

I’ve enjoyed the past few years doing the hunter paces, but I think we’ve done enough putzing around and need to make a decision to move forward in our riding skills.  So clinics and lessons are in our future!  I haven’t had a formal riding lesson since 1993 and Pip is still really green but any step forward is progress so here goes!!  I’m excited, tho a bit bemusedly anxious about how Pip will behave.  He’s a good steady ride but I’ve not really asked him to do a lot of ring work so I’m not sure how his brain is going to feel about doing the “boring” work instead of clomping along a trail. We’ve been working on consistency at the trot and he hasn’t exactly enjoyed that but at least he’s not doing his “THAT IS NOT SAFE!!!” freak out about trotting over poles.

I’m also trying to think of things to do with Seiji and Legion in the New Year.  I’ve been inspired by my friend Mala and her beautiful filly Isabel to actually DO something with my colts while they are growing.  I don’t think we will achieve her level (4th in Worlds!) as Seiji and Legion are actually nursemare foals with unclear breeding (TB?check!! whatever else? ehhh maybe a percheron or QH??).  I like to think that Seiji has a Mine That Bird look about him which would suggest that he’s a Birdstone throwby and Legion sure has that Tapit zip and zing. The world will never know but it’s nice to think they are descended from greatness (just the wrong side of the barn aisle lol).

Guinness is also on my project docket for 2015.  I will figure out how to ride him in this new year!  Strange words I know, and to my non-riding friends it’s probably a curious statement.  G’s dressage training has made him a bit more complicated to negotiate than I had anticipated but I’m hoping with my patient and kind trainer I’ll finally unlock the secret to my big bored gelding!  I know he’s as frustrated that he’s sitting bored in a paddock while lazy-bones Pip gets pulled out every single time.  G is the opposite of Pip in many aspects most notably his work ethic.  G loves to work… Pip loves to be cute!  I’ve toyed with the idea of doing low level eventing with G as well as Pip.  I was told that G was a jumper in his youth and moved over to dressage as his former owner moved away from jumping altogether.  I will continue toying with that idea as I get to know him better and get more hours and miles in on him.

Woodrow continues to improve.  He’s done a Lyme vial series which seemed to push him towards recovery and we bolstered that by starting him on an acupressure and message regime with Nicole.  After his first session he was cavorting around his paddock, snorting and rearing and generally being a playful youngster.  Within a week he was filling out and visibly feeling better.  His next session is in a couple days and I’m excited to see him continue to improve.  I’m hoping that this will be the year that he enters into proper riding.  He’ll be 5 in May and has been very slow to mature as most drafts are but I’m thinking it’s time for him to have a job.

Other than horses we’ve also been making plans for the summer garden.  I ordered M’s tomato and pepper seeds yesterday (I will post that list soon) and we’re all gearing up for a big gardening year.  We are in the process of establishing a new kitchen garden in the old pig lots nearer the house. I’m excited to have a kitchen garden again and very excited to see the variety of beets that M is planning to grow.  I love beets, especially freshly picked from the garden!

So it’s going to be a busy year and hopefully I’ll be blogging more to document it!

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